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    Donna C
    BPL Member


    Locale: Middle Virginia

    Thanks, Pete. While I was out hiking the other day I was thinking about this entire topic. Because of where I live, a fanny pack for an overnighter wouldn't work, but…that's not to say most of what you had in yours wouldn't work either. My regular kit pretty much is close to that, with a few more 'comfort zone' extras, mostly for my slight fear factor being out alone as a woman.

    As for learning about tarps, I pretty much had to teach myself. I figure I could do it in a pinch but not much more than that. Forget trying to use a rain poncho. The old style floorless Virga works much better for me. It would have been nice to fall upon a class such as yours, just to initiate newbies..and I consider myself one compared to the likes of Ryan and others in this forum. I generally read about it from others and then try it for myself.

    BPL Member


    Locale: SE USA


    I hear what you're saying. Let me say you've made me see ways to lighten up, & most importantly, SHRINK, my kit.

    I also hear what others are saying – and maybe I'm reading between the lines – but I truly gather from your posts that you ARE responsible and I can almost hear you telling your attendees what is good, bad, imcomplete about your kit for other conditions/locales/unknown trails,expereince level, etc……And I think you're saying your attendees get it beforehand or you wouldn't take them. Again, maybe I read too much between the lines – if so then everyone please forgive me.

    Living in hot FL, I can't wait to try it in the fall.

    Thanks Pete!

    Adam Rothermich
    BPL Member


    Locale: Missouri Ozarks

    I borrowed my brother's MS fanny pack. Its the "Day" pack. According to Campmor, its 850 ci and 1 lbs 7 oz. I'll weigh it when I get home after work. (I see a whole bunch of things that could be modified to save some weight but will hold off since its not mine) I also made a Speer-style hammock this weekend and slept in it for a few hours Saturday night (I need to get some practice rigging it and getting into it). I'm going to try doing some trips with it and see how it works over the summer.
    I played around with the fanny pack the other day and really liked not having any weight on my shoulders. My brother has used it on a number of day hikes and canoeing the boundary waters for a week. He says that it carries really well and doesn't bounce around nearly as much as he thought it would. It has the same hipbelt as my MS Phantom, which I love it for.


    Michael Wands


    Locale: Piney Woods

    You folks need to come down to Texas and do a little 3-Season Hiking. Here is what you will find:

    When it says that it is going to get down to 80* at night – that means that it will be in the mid-90's when you go to bed. You don't need ANY insulation. I sleep in shorts and short sleeve shirt with no sleeping bag or pad. Sometimes I wake up at 3:00 a.m. a little chilled. Then I sit up and smile!!!

    I have a G6 pack and love it. Seldom get to use it because I can't even begin to fill up 2,000 ci unless it is the dead of winter. I normally go out for a long weekend with a 700 ci fanny pack and an over-the-shoulder one liter bota. Think about how much space you can save with no insulation – no sleeping bag, no jacket, no ls shirt, no fleece hat, gloves or socks.

    The down side is that it does get warm and dusty. Warm even in the shade. Warm even in the water. Still, the Piney Woods of East Texas, the Hill Country of Central Texas, the Caprock areas of West Texas can be heaven on earth when you are on the trail.

    Michael Mangold


    I've got the same lumbar pack and how I stock it is on other posts. However, I still carry a full size pack but have recently considered using just a day pack plus lumbar pack for all seasons. This means that my sleeping bag, pad, food, and spare clothes would go in the day pack. I like your attempt at getting down to basics but I think my basics are more extended.

    Michael Fogarty
    BPL Member


    Locale: Midwest

    I'll be going out tomorrow night for a 2 day trip, with my lightest load yet to date/ 8.0 lbs with food + (2) 20oz bottles of water. This includes a 20oz BMW Cocoon 180 quilt, and a 9oz Titanium Goat Bivy.

    BPL Member


    Locale: SE USA


    Let us know how your trip went!

    Thanks, Todd

    BPL Member


    Handicap Parking Spaces at a Trailhead.


Viewing 8 posts - 51 through 58 (of 58 total)
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