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    Matt Cason


    Jordan thanks for your input with it I have made some adjustments to my list which I will post shortly I just wanted to reply to some of your comments real quick also. I choose the 2 person cloudburst so that when I am on a solo trip I can store my stuff inside with me and the weight really doesnt difference really wont bother me that much, I also go with a buddy so then there would be room for both of us. The reason I have the stove and spork on my list is because I alerady own them and spent a good bit for them and do not want to replace at this moment, to me the isobutane fuel tanks arent that heavy at all. I have the bear bag system because I go hiking in the Smokies quite a bit and have seen a lot of bears up there. most of the shelters along the AT through there have bear boxes or ropes but I dont always stay at these shelters. If I am not going to this area or a area known for bears I will leave the system out of the pack. I live in South Carolina to answer your last question you had for me. Thanks again!

    Matt Cason


    Clothing Worn
    OR Nimbus Sombrero 3.4oz
    Golite lite-weight S/S top 4oz
    Golite lite-weight brief 2oz
    Golite Baseline Shorts 9oz
    Smartwool Adrenilie Cew Socks (2pair) 4oz
    Montrail Hardrock Wide 13oz

    Other items worn or carried
    Gossamer Gear Lightre Plus 5.2oz
    High Gear Altitech II 2oz
    High Gear Trailaudio 512MB 4oz

    other clothing
    Golite Helios wind shirt 3.5oz
    Golite Reed pants 4oz

    sleep system
    Tarptent Cloudburst 2 39oz
    Gossamer Gear Polycro Ground Cloth 1.3oz
    Gossamer Gear Titelite Stakes 1.32oz
    Golite Feather Bag 18oz
    Thermarest Z-Lite 6 segment 6.5oz

    Osprey Atmos 50 Large 47oz
    250ci Bozeman Mtn Works stuff sack .37oz
    500ci Bozeman Mtn Works stuff sack .61oz
    Equinox Ultrlight Pack Cover 1.1oz

    Cooking and Water
    Vargo Jet-Ti Stove 2.7oz
    Snow Peak trek 700 Ti 4.7oz
    aluminum foil wind screen .5oz
    Vargo Ti Spork .49oz
    Bic Mini Lighter .5oz
    Platypus 2L 1.3oz
    Katadyn MP1 Tablets .25oz
    Ursalight Bear Bag System 2.7oz
    MSR lite-lifters 1oz

    other essentials
    Natl Geo Maps 1oz
    Princeton Tec Scout 1.8oz
    Replacement batts for Scout .22oz
    Adventure Medical Kits .3 2.21oz
    assorted toilitries (toothpaste, hand gel, tp) 4oz
    insect repellant 1oz
    Sun Frog Sunscreen 1oz
    Gossamer Gear Fingertip toothbrush .24oz
    MSR Ultralite PackTowls 1oz
    Adventure Medical Kits Survival Kit(streamlined to just whistle, blanket, duct tape, and sparklite) 2.5oz

    MSR IsoPro Fuel (2 4oz containers) 8oz
    Dehydrated food 20oz/day 100oz for 5 day trip
    2L of water 70oz

    Total skin out weight is: 376.41oz (23.52lbs)

    Total Pack Weight (minus consumables) is: 163.01oz (10.18lbs)

    Mike Storesund



    It’s been a busy two weeks for you. You have a real good list here. I hope you have not actually purchased all of the changes each time, but more making a wish list before buying. I know it can get expensive.

    Jordan makes a valid suggestion to change out your Leki Poles to the GG Lightrek if you are strictly looking at weight. The GG Lightrek are single piece poles while the Leki poles are sectional for compact stowage. If having the ability to stow compactly, which I prefer, sectional poles are better. I have the REI Peak UL at 10.6 oz. w/o straps. The extra weight is in the locking hardware for the sections.

    I believe you posted that you already purchased the ‘Tarptent Cloudburst 2’, but I would have to agree with others there is other options out there. I’m sure you know why you chose the Cloudburst over other suggestions. An Oware 9×9 tarp with an added guy loop in the center along the ridge easily sleeps 2 with gear and maybe 3 if one is a kid, and will drop another 1.5 pounds. Change to a Poncho/Tarp for a solo and drop it 2 pounds.

    I have the Snowpeak trek 700 also, and by replacing the steel lid with some foil, you drop another 1.5 oz.

    I also like your Ursalight Bear bag. Even if you’re not in bear country, you still have other critters to think about.

    I have the Gregory Z Pack too and it’s a good pack. I also have a GoLite Breeze and a GoLite Speed, which I find the Speed to be comparable to the Z pack for 18 oz. lighter. If I’m going to be bushwhacking, I use the Z pack, if not I use the Speed. I just don’t find the Breeze comfortable; I guess I like having a waist belt

Viewing 3 posts - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)
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