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    Rob Mcrae


    Locale: the other, big Ontario

    Hi guys. Just getting my new CatStove ready, and I'm wondering if a small water bottle is safe for use as an alcohol container. I only need to bring about 9 ounces. Of course, I will have to label it really clear. What do other people use as a cheap and easy container for their alcohol when not needing more than 10 ounces average?

    Michael Pearce


    Locale: Northern Utah

    Check out the nalgene travel container kits. The plastic they're made of doesn't degrade with contact from alcohol and lots of other chemicals.

    Chad Mason


    Locale: Arizona

    You can use a standard water or soda bottle…of if you get lucky, you can find the holy grail of alcohol bottles…the Platypus Lil' Nipper.

    Steve .


    Locale: Tralfamadore

    You could wrap your bottle with duct tape to distinguish it from your drinking bottles. Duct tape could come in handy for field repairs.

    Jason Klass
    BPL Member


    Locale: Colorado

    Hey Rob,
    You can use almost any plastic bottle for denatured alcohol. My favorite one is this one:

    You can see I use a "Mr. Yuck" sticker to mark it as fuel.

    James Pitts


    Locale: Midwest US

    …Platypus "Lil Nipper" with BPL red nozzle cap.

    Douglas Frick
    BPL Member


    Locale: Wyoming

    I often use small water bottles, and my most recent bottle has had alcohol stored in it for 1.5 years with no problem.

    Alan Moore


    Locale: Sunny Southwest

    It might not be the lightest option – but any total differences are minimal at just 1.4oz container weight.

    It can store 8oz fuel and has a great fuelling measurement feature as well as a flip pouring cap. I like the flattened shape for easy handling and easy pack fit, and makes it clear its not water… Just <$5.

    I love it – everyone who has seen it loves it too. I have graduated the measuring cup with a permanent marker for approx burn times with my decagon stove.


    John Donewar
    BPL Member


    Locale: Southeastern Texas

    Take a look at the 12 ounce Nalgene flask.

    It has a 1 ounce snap off cap for measuring. The main cap is threaded normally. The bottle itself is graduated in ounces. It has enough capacity for at least 12 boils of 16 ounces of water with my Whitebox Solo stove.

    The flask minus the shot cap and the insulating sleeve weigh in at 1.87 ounces according to Nalgene.

    Party On,


    bj bretzke


    Locale: Montana, MT (Stealth Mode)

    I was in the bathroom shaving and I noticed A couple of hair coloring bottles in the trash basket. Funnel tip and super light. I think they hold about 4 oz. each. I carry two, one with the tip fused shut and the other with a rubber cap over the funnel tip. They really hold closer to 4.5 oz. but I leave some room and squeeze the bottle slightly to allow for expansion due to heat. My next favorite is an ordinary bottled water bottle for longer trips. I still carry the little bottle with the funnel tip for ease of filling. I've also had better luck using red vinyl tape to designate the bottle. The adhesive is more alcohol friendly than duct tape which can get real messy if you dribble down the side.

    Jason, where does a guy get mister yuck stickers these days? That is the sheeazit! I have nightmares about grabbing the wrong bottle.

    Hike hard. Hike often.

    Bob Gross
    BPL Member


    Locale: Silicon Valley

    Another good bottle to recycle for stove alcohol is for dishwasher rinse wetting agent. It is clear plastic, about 8 ounce capacity, and it has a cap that will screw off or flip up for a squirt.


    Travis Leanna
    BPL Member


    Locale: Wisconsin

    yet another option is empty contact solution containers. They come in many sizes, are super easy to pour because of their tiny "nozzle," and are "free" if you wear contacts!

    Kevin Kerstens
    BPL Member


    Locale: BC Canada

    I second Travis – I stole one of my wifes contact solution bottles and it works great.

    Will Webster


    Depending on duration, I either use the bottle which came with my Caldera Cone or a small water bottle, and add a single drop of red food coloring to the alcohol. Don't drink the pink juice.

    Tim Marshall
    BPL Member


    Locale: Minnesota

    green soda bottles for me (or contact bottle depending on trip length) The green helps me remember that it isn't the right alcohol for the drinking.


    Tohru Ohnuki


    Locale: S. California

    I just use the regular fliptops from REI, just do a squeeze test to see if they leak air before buying. Since this bottle looks unlike any of the other ones for water, I'm sure never to drink from it. It's also marked with red electrical tape.

    Steve Small


    I too use a contact lens solution bottle. One time my wife sent me to the store to buy her a new case for her contact lenses. I found a case for $3, but I also found a 4oz bottle of solution that included a free case for $2.50. Good size for a longer weekend trip, and a nice, secure screw-on cap.

    Tim Marshall
    BPL Member


    Locale: Minnesota

    i just wish the tops came off easier!


    Travis Leanna
    BPL Member


    Locale: Wisconsin

    Yeah, to pop off the top to refill can be a pain in the butt. I just use a butter knife or similar flat object and pry it apart.

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