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    Brandon B


    Hey guys, I posted my pack list a while back and I've made changes since and cut more weight and was looking for ways to cut more. I got a postal scale which has helped me pick out the items that needed to be replaced like my 2.5lb pants and 3.5lb boots. So from a 50lb pack back in March on my first ever hiking trip to a 11.49lb base weight now for 3 season. I'd love to get below 10lb base weight.

    -Gossamer Gear G4(16.9oz)

    -Marmot Nanowave 45(3 season, 32.6oz-eyeing a Marmot Plasma 40 to replace this but don't want to spend the money)
    -North Face Cat's Meow 20(winter, 47.6oz-eyeing a Marmot Helium to replace this but don't want to spend the money)
    -Gossamer Gear Nightlight sleeping pad(4.4oz, also is 'frame' for pack)

    -Eureka Spitfire 1(replaced factory stakes with titanium ones, 49.4oz total-eyeing tarp tent contrail 1 as replacement)
    -polycryro groundcloth(3.7oz)

    -emergency poncho(1.4oz)

    -tiny globe compass(0.4oz)
    -Garmin 450T w/lithium batteries(only take this if I'm trying to find something like a waterfall, same batteries as camera & headlamp, 6.2oz)
    -trimmed laminated map of trail/area(~0.4oz)

    -Bandana(sometimes worn, also use as water filter for the big stuff, 1.1oz)
    -1 tshirt(worn, 3 season only, 6.5oz-considering doing w/o this)
    -1 wrangler fishing shirt(worn, 9.9oz-looking for a lighter replacement with large front pockets as this has)
    -1 pair of golite convertible hiking pants(worn, 11.8oz)
    -1 pair cotton socks(3 season, worn, 2.3oz)
    -1 pair smart wool socks(winter, worn, 3.4oz)
    -1 pair invo8 hiking boots(worn, 20oz)
    -1 pair of gym shorts(3 season, 6oz-considering doing w/o this)
    -1 pair of flip flops(9.5oz, not willing to give up camp shoes but open to lighter options)
    -1 pair top and bottom of Marmot's wicking base layer underwear(worn, winter, 13.4oz)
    -1 belt(worn, 3.9oz)
    -1 safari hat(worn, hit or miss on whether I decide to bring it, 5.3oz)
    -1 pair marmot base layer gloves(winter, 1.1oz)
    -marmot spike hat(winter, worn, 1.9oz)
    -marmot zeus vest(winter, worn, 11.6oz)

    -duct tape(0.9oz)
    -signal mirror(1.8oz)
    -spot 2 elb with lithium batteries(on belt loop, 4.9oz-keeps wife and family off my back)
    -Fox 40 micro whistle(0.4oz)
    -compact 0.380 pistol w/bullets(in pocket, 12.2oz)

    -collapseable fishing pole(including extra line and hooks, 5.2oz)
    -zeiss miniquick monocular(0.8oz)

    -exotac nanostriker(0.5oz)
    -3 cotton balls(0.1oz)
    -1 box of coleman waterproof matches(0.2oz)
    -1 bic mini(0.4oz)

    -snowpeak 600 titanium mug(2.8oz)
    -evernew titanium alcohol stove(winter only or during burn ban, 1.7oz)
    -snowpeak titanium short spork(0.5oz)

    -Victorinox Swisschamp(in pocket, lightest I could find w/pliers[for fishing] and a saw, 6.7oz)
    -Esee 4(on belt, not willing to give this up unless for similar sized knife, 11.5oz)

    -Nikon digital camera w/lithium batteries(in pocket, same batteries as headlamp & GPS, 8.5oz)
    -Fenix HL21 headlamp w/lithium battery(same batteries as camera & GPS, 2.6oz)
    -spare lithium batteries for spot 2 elb(aaa, 0.7oz) and camera/headlamp/gps(aa, 1.6oz)
    -casio watch w/temp and compass(worn, 1.9oz)

    -chlorine dioxide drops(3oz)
    -platypus softbottle(0.8oz)
    -platypus 2L bladder(3.4oz)

    Wordly Items
    -fishing license/driver's license/cash(0.4oz)
    -Jeep keys(1.1oz)

    -trash bag(1.2oz-considering ditching this)
    -60ft of paracord(10ft is in different lengths for tying various things while the 50ft is for hanging my food, 7.1oz)
    -2 tubes of carmex(0.8oz)
    -toilet paper(pretty sure you won't convince me to ditch this, 4.4oz)
    -safety sunglasses(0.9oz)
    -colgate wisp(0.1oz)
    -dry bag for hanging food in(1.1oz)
    -exped trekking pole(7.1oz)

    3 Season Base Weight:11.49lbs
    3 Season Skin Out(minus consumables): 18.19lbs
    3 Season Pack Weight w/consumables(3 day): 18.96lbs
    3 Season Skin Out w/consumables(3 day): 25.6lbs

    Winter Base Weight:12.31lbs
    Winter Skin Out(minus consumables):20.49lbs
    Winter Pack Weight w/consumables(3 day): 19.78lbs
    Winter Skin Out w/consumables(3 day): 27.96lbs

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    Michael Bachman


    Locale: Western Slope, Colorado <= example (I would calculate wt of gear worn)

    Should make it a quite easier to diagnose your gear. Make different gearlists for different conditions, etc.


    Sumi Wada


    Locale: Ann Arbor

    You have nearly 2LB in knives and pistol. That's 15% of your base weight. Seems like a lot.

    Do you really need ALL of the following?
    Cell phone

    Brandon B


    A member on a different forum turned me on to a way to ditch the big SAK with some forceps to cover my fishing needs so that will help.

    I've not been without a watch on my arm in more than 20 years and feel naked without one.

    I don't carry the GPS unless I'm after waterfalls that I'm bushwhacking to. Otherwise its absent.

    As far as the SPOT and cell phone its a family requirement(keep them off my back) more than anything and they won't let me get away with only having one of the other much less neither.

    Remington Roth
    BPL Member


    Locale: Atlantic Coast

    I seldom see a gear list with a pistol on it. Are you sure you really need it? I don't know the circumstances under which you hike or the specific environment, but it seems unnecessary. Also, how effective would a 12oz .38 be in a circumstance where you might conceivably need it? That strikes me as awfully light for an effective pistol (i.e. good power or range). If it's for bears, you're better off with bear spray. If it's for people, well, you're still better off with bear spray IMO.

    I'm curious more than anything. I have no problem with guns.

    *edited for a typo

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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