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    Hi Carol:

    I already have an Excel spreadsheet. Thanks!

    Earlier, I was just wondering when you didn’t respond to the many people who requested your ever-popular spreadsheet. Good to know that you are back! Sorry if I came across as being overly suspicious — it’s just that this day and age, we are faced with so many junk email’s, phishing attempts, etc.

    David Lewis
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    Locale: Nova Scotia, Canada

    bells and whistles?

    David Lewis
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    Locale: Nova Scotia, Canada

    When I came on this thread, I saw all these posts asking for Carol’s spreadsheet. I wanted to ask for a copy as well… but I thought… you know… maybe she’s not even reading this thread anymore… maybe she’s getting tired of all these request… maybe I won’t bother her and instead, take it upon myself to make my own spreadsheet. Which I did. And when I finished I thought, this is pretty cool… I will share it with the group… for free (of course). And I also thought, I’ll just post it online so people can download it. That way they don’t have to post “me too please” and I don’t have to keep watching the thread…. anyone who reads the thread can get a copy at their own convenience… without relying on me reading their post and waiting for me to get back to them.

    Now I am a complete Excel novice… so it took me a lot of tweaking and some research (learning about Excel) to get it right. Whenever I made a fix, I let people know… because I don’t want people getting incorrect totals and such. This all took a great deal of time and effort on my part and it was provided completely free of charge.

    My suggestion would be, rather than criticizing the efforts of others, take my work… provided for free… take Carols works… likewise provided for free… take ideas from both and create your own spreadsheet. And if you come up with a few neat new ideas, come on back and share them with us!

    Now that Carol is back, she was kind enough to send me her spreadsheet… which I was really anxious to check out. It’s great and it gave me a few ideas, but as for “bells and whistles”, our sheets, functionally speaking, are virtually identical. The main difference is that mine is based on grams and Carols is based on ounces. These things are really pretty simple (once you figure out the formulas).

    For bells and whistles, I’m really looking forward to seeing (or make a donation for) Paul’s spreadsheet. It sounds like a very cool solution… with drop down menus and such. I may decide after using it that I prefer the simplicity of mine and Carols approach, but I won’t be coming on here to criticize Paul’s efforts and graciousness.



    Not criticizing, Just stating a fact…

    Carol’s Spread Sheet worked flawlessly on first download. I would highly recommend it!

    Simplicity, Functionality and Performance, the same features I look for in my backpacking gear.

    Hike your own hike…

    (Unless you’d rather be re-creating Spread Sheets, in that case knock yourself out.)


Viewing 4 posts - 51 through 54 (of 54 total)
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