Clothing list for 12 month R.T.W. trip

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    Nicholas Couis
    BPL Member


    Hi, Heres my clothing list and would appreciate any feedback,comments etc.
    Smartwool L/S zip-t
    2x MHW Canyon shirts
    Bozeman Cocoon Pullover
    Patagonia R2 vest
    Wildthings epic hooded windshirt
    Patagonia Specter W/B Jacket
    Marmot silkweight boxers
    Smartwool microweight boxers
    MHW Featherweight X-tend tights
    2xMHW Canyon pants
    Golite boulder shorts
    Golite reed pants


    If it was me, I’d be tempted to trade in one of the pants for convertibles, and eliminate the shorts.

    I also really value front cargo pockets on my pants, which the Canyon’s don’t have.

    I would also be tempted to change one of the canyon shirts for a lighter simpler t-shirt design; saving room in the pack and weight.

    Also – no hat? Socks?

    And I have no experience with the Specter, but I’d be weary about not having pit zips.


    kevin davidson


    Locale: Mythical State of Jefferson

    why both the Wild Things hooded Epic windshirt
    (@ 10 oz.) and the Spector Jacket ? Why not a pertex
    windshell (@ around 3 oz.) to supplement your
    w/b jacket ? Total weight of the 2 would be around 10-12 oz.(depending on if you use pullover or full zip Spector) and there would be less overlap in function of respective garments.

    Mark Verber
    BPL Member


    Locale: San Francisco Bay Area

    > Smartwool L/S zip-t

    A fine choice… and the majority of people here would make the same choice. I would rather take a MH midweight eXend LS zip shirt. I prefer PowerDry to wool because dries faster, is more comfortable against my skin, and the embedded silver is more odor resistant than wool.

    > 2x MHW Canyon shirts

    Reasonable. I might consider doing one Canyon shirt, and one technical tee-shirt. Sometimes you might want short sleeves, and you can also wear the tee-shirt under the canyon shirt for moderate layering.

    > Bozeman Cocoon Pullover

    Fine choice depending on how sensitive to cold, and what the low temps are that you will face. If it was me, I would take a vest like the Montbell Thermawrap or Patagonia Micro Puff unless I was going to be in subzero weather.

    > Patagonia R2 vest

    Rather than a vest, I would suggest a dark sweater made from a micro fleece or high quality wool. Provides some insulation for your arms and your core. I assume on your RTW trip you will sometimes be in cities and might want to go someplace nice. A dark sweater can make you look more dressed up.

    > Wildthings epic hooded windshirt

    That is a nice jacket, but given that you are bringing a WPB shell, I would go for something more light weight which is also more compact. There are a number of 3-4oz hooded windshirt out there.

    > Patagonia Specter W/B Jacket

    I would rather go a little heavier and have pitzips like the Montbell Peak. But if you are happy without pitzips then the Specter looks pretty sweet.

    > Marmot silkweight boxers
    > Smartwool microweight boxers

    Sounds reasonable

    > MHW Featherweight X-tend tights


    > 2xMHW Canyon pants

    Nice pants. If it was me, I would most likely go with one pair of Cloudveil pants made from the Inertia material (wider range of comfort and more weather resistant) and a convertable pair of nylon like those from Ex Officio (I like being able to take the legs off and I like cargo pockets).

    > Golite boulder shorts

    I would think about shorts with a built in brief like Patagonia River Shorts. They can be both shorts and a swimsuit which I expect you will want at some point in your journey.

    > Golite reed pants


    Things that are missing:

    1) Socks
    2) Hat: I would bring some sort of sun hat, and some kind of warm hat
    3) scarf or neck gaitor: You get a huge amount of warmth for very little weight.
    4) Gloves: if you are going places that are cold, you should have some sort of gloves.
    5) Headnet: if you are going anywhere with lots of nasty bugs

    My notes from packing for international travel


    Well, since you said any feedback, here is what I took on my 6 month trip:

    Poncho – keeps you and the pack dry which is important when you’re sitting around waiting 2 hours for the bus to arrive in the middle of nowhere.

    Wind jacket
    Fleece vest
    Thin balaclava
    synthetic pants
    synthetic convertible pants
    swim trunks / shorts
    (5) pair socks (wool blend)
    (4) synthetic underwear
    (2) synthetic shirts
    (2) cotton shirts
    2nd pair of shoes – very important, try getting a size 11.5 in Equador if you blow your original pair out

    Liner gloves
    Rain mitts

    In general, I tend to leave my nicer gear at home and make sure I take clothing that is less loud and more generic in color. I stick out like a sore enough thumb in most countries already.

    Also remember, twelve months is a long time to abuse clothing over and over so make sure its durable. And stay away from white cuz it aint going to stay white.

    Now this list is based on spending my time hostelling around the world and travelling mostly in the 3rd world. Yet, the list is still sufficient enough to bag a peak or two along the way.

    And if you need one more piece of insulation bring a wool sweater like was mentioned earlier. A lot more acceptable to go out in.

    kevin davidson


    Locale: Mythical State of Jefferson

    I agree about the 2nd pair of shoes if you have large or hard to fit feet. Or…..
    In the late 80’s,I needed to find a replacement shoes in Kashmir. Size 11.5,of course. I visited about every corner of Srinigar before I found them in the diciest neighborhood in the city–a very poor
    Shia Muslim shantytown full of anti-american/anti-jewish posters of the most lurid kind. It actually led to some interesting and not unfriendly interactions
    but the kidnappings and bombing were just beginning. How this merchant had my shoes in a
    land of very diminuitive people is unexplained

    Nicholas Couis
    BPL Member


    The MHW midweight Xtend does’t seem to be made any more.I will be taking either Smartwoolv Adrenaline or Wigwam Ingenios or Defeet socks.A baseball type cap a buff headwear and a beanie of some sort.I tried the OR Sombrero size small but the brim is too short at the front and in the slightest breeze flaps around.How does the new Marmot powerdry zip-t fit compred to MHW.i WILL DROP THE WILDTHINGS EPIC WINDSHIRT AND GO FOR A 3OZ ITEM.also drop the Patagonia R2 vest and go for a BPL vest when they come out.
    How is the fit of the Cloudveil pants compared to MHW.Please keep the feedback coming.I will have to fit everything into a 50 liter pack including tent sleeping bag stove etc..

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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