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    James holden
    BPL Member


    ryan …

    for a cheap made in china (they all are) power supply … you can even get solar ones that you can strap to the back of yr pack in the day, not that i know how effective those are

    try here …

    and here …

    make sure to read the comment in the reviews and forum posts at the bottom to watch for any compatibility issues … on the other hand they are cheap as hell … also note that deal xtreme takes a while to ship generally

    but sure beats spending $$$$ on a brunton sustain that has a few poor reviews on REI and amazon anyways

    Andy F


    Locale: Midwest/Midatlantic

    As a Moment and Scarp 2 owner, I agree with you about the Notch.

    For a stove, I like Mark Jurey's penny stove design. It can be finicky to make though. Plan on making a few for practice. :)

    Harald Hope


    Locale: East Bay

    While it's fun figuring out how to make a penny stove work on a narrow pot (5 jets pointing in, 1 out to rim to heat it), it's a lot easier to just get a wide pot. That's what I'd do, then you can use all the different stove designs, especially the easy to make cat stoves, which are side burners. With a wide pot you're set for all designs, gas, alcohol, whatever.

    If I ever find a wide evernew uncoated 1.3 liter used I'm going to switch to it for this reason, though I like the compactness of a narrow pot.

    Joe Newton
    BPL Member


    A good cheap wide cook pot is the Kmart grease pot. I believe it is made by Stanco. Aluminum, light weight (if I remember correctly its somewhere around 3.5 to 5 oz with the top. You need to replace the big black plastic handle that come with it), has a top, approximately 5 inches in diameter, cheap (about $8.00 tax and all). Paired with the supercat stove you got a pretty good cooking set up for less than $9.00.

    Bob Gross
    BPL Member


    Locale: Silicon Valley

    The Kmart/Stanco grease pot comes in two varieties that I own. One is a small one, and one is a larger one. The small one is plenty large enough for one or two eaters. The larger one might serve for two or three eaters.

    I always unscrew the big black plastic knob on the lid and replace it with a dab of epoxy over the screw.


    Ryan C
    BPL Member


    Locale: United States

    Thanks for the suggestions. I will look further into external battery options for the iPhone 4. I have used large portable solar panels in the past to run field equipment. High efficiency small panels are just not there yet. I know I would be disappointed with a little 3"x4" mini panel after coming from the real stuff. External batteries seem more worthwhile.

    I'll consider the grease pot for experimenting. I cringe at the thought of using Aluminum cookware (for health concerns) and feel safer using Titanium. May try and get a cheap 900ml short/wide Ti pot that would work better with every stove.

Viewing 6 posts - 26 through 31 (of 31 total)
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