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    jacob thompson


    OK so I thought I might spend some time and put up a gear list. Not all of the stuff im putting in this list I have bought yet (if I havent bought it I will mark it with an *). Please go through and scrutinise it from a gram weenie point of view. The ultimate goal is sub 5lb for 3 season use. I might add also that I live in Australia and the lowest tmperature I would expect would be in the 20s, highest well over 100.

    Item weight
    Gossamer G5 7
    Spinnshelter 9.5
    Thinlight torso 2.7
    Nunatak Ghost 17
    tentpegs 2.05
    poles 2.9
    ground sheet 2
    backrest 2.2

    possum down beanie 1.85
    lite speed 6
    BMW Cocoon 8.5
    smartwool aero 7
    Montrail Vittesse 32
    Superfeet insert 2
    Smart wool trail socks 3

    lighter 0.4
    fuel platy 0.9
    vargo spork 0.5
    msr kettle 3
    alc stove 0.3
    water platy 2
    Aqua mira 1.05

    toothpaste Dr Bs 0.2
    toilet paper 0.6
    toothbrush 0.3
    cards 0.53
    light 0.3

    Now thats the basic stuff. I havent put together first aid, or added in stuff bags. theres a few other things like lids and bug dope and that kind of thing as well. now what I need is to mention that im undecided about a bivy, i mean i want one but having read the recent aricle about the gossamer sub 5oz quantum bivy this makes me a little excited, and would definitely buy it over the BMW bivy.
    ** i will swap these stationary poles over to gossamer lightrek + when they become available.

    you have probaly aslo noted that i have not put in a fully waterproof layer and this because i feel i can use my spinshelter if worst comes to worst and my lite speed wets out.

    so what do ya think?

    Mark Verber
    BPL Member


    Locale: San Francisco Bay Area

    Looks like a well thought out list.

    A few things I really think need to be added:

    a knife, sun glasses, bandana (or other multi-purpose piece of cloth – I use a small micro-fiber hand face towel), whistle for signalling, a bit of extra rope, duct tape (though maybe that is part of your unlisted firstaid kit).

    You don’t list any pants, tights, or shorts. Might want to add something there :-)

    A number of things to consider:

    compass & map (unless you completely know the area and there is no chance of getting lost).

    At .3oz it doesn’t seem like you have a windscreen for your stove. A windscreen makes a huge difference in the efficency of a stove.

    depending on the bug situation… you might want something to protect you while you sleep

    I would add at least one extra pair of socks

    I would add a second water container since you are using chemical treatment. If the water is cold you are going to have to wait awhile before you can drink once you have treated your water.

    A hat to protect you from the sun

    I tried the spork… I switch back to a lexan fork & spoon because they were easier to eat with, the same weight, adaquately durable, and didn’t scratch up my pot.

    Your back is less sensitive than mine, I can’t image not using my insulated air mattress these days.

    I have done tried trips without full on raingear in the past… it was uncomfortable enough that I now bring at least a rainshield 02 cycling jacket.

    I would bring some sort of camera

    I burn easily so I bring sun lotion for skin exposed (like my hands).

    jacob thompson


    I didnt worry about all the miscelany stuff as its usually pretty consistent in weight.

    i have been using the small towel they sell from BPL as my bandana etc.. I do take a small knife. i cant wear glasses because i can never find any to fit me..

    i meant to write before that i didnt have any bottoms so far. i was thinking a pair of knee length tights with a lightweight windproof water resistant pants. i dont really mind if my legs get wet in 3 season. any suggestions there? i like the golite reed but are they usable at higher temps?

    stove is an msr kettle with foil lid and wind barrier.

    i have a compass and usually find maps if i havent studied up enough or havent been on a particular hike before.

    bugs usually dont worry me and really arent that much of a problem and im prepared to bath in DEET if need be.

    been looking for a hat as well, was thinking OR sahale.

    i forgot to add in that there were two 2L platys for water. a lot of the common hikes i do havent got that many resupplys so i usually care 1 litre in each platy.

    as for the spork ive been trying to ween it out and use just an ordinary disposable spoon and a tent peg for stiring if required.

    as for padding i really only use it for insulation. i sleep on bare floor at home and have done for many years. i actually find it had to sleep in beds and softer surfaces now.

    and i never wear sunscreen. born with good family genes to not get burnt.

    the rain thing is worrying me a little. im tempted in the future to switch to a poncho/tarp but well see how things go.

    thanks for the suggestions. even when im packing i always forget a lot of things whilst trying to keep weight down, so its usually really helpful to get advice like this. keep it coming.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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