Best powdered milk?

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    David W.
    BPL Member


    Locale: East Bay, CA

    I am interested in adding some powdered milk to my trail diet but I am suspicious of anything made my Nestle. Nestle company has historically had dubious and unconscionable business practices when it comes to powdered milk.

    Nestle Boycott:

    Nestle and its product Nido were also recently caught up in the melamine panic from China.

    I my intent is not to poo poo peoples favorite product but I thought some would appreciate the info.

    Peter Burke


    Locale: Midwest

    Last year we used some Milkman brand whole dry milk – turns out the company is no more. At least I cannot find a place still selling it.

    Michael Cockrell


    Locale: Central Valley, Lodi-Stockton, CA

    One of my food sources, Artisan Health Foods, in Stockton stocks "Better Than Milk_Soy_Original", in quart powder containers. I love this stuff!

    They also have it in rice, but I didn't like the sample they made. I also favored the soy-vs-rice for the sodium/fat/etc. contents. But a great variety. They also carry a variety of goat, etc. products.

    I toss in a teaspoon (or two) of their organic, unsweetened CoCoa powder. Add your oats, dried blueberries, unsweetened coconut chips, other fruits . . . EAT!!! I even toss in some vegi chips.

    Another trick I use is unsweetened Hot Chocolate (Raley's brand). It already has milk & chocolate. Even vegi broth, thickly mixed tastes good on a chilly morning.

    Andrew King


    Locale: Arizona

    Another user of Better Than Milk powdered soy milk. Even at home I normally use soy milk, so I was glad to find this powdered alternative. It works really well for my breakfast cereal and coffee creamer.

    Roleigh Martin
    BPL Member


    Locale: Founder & Lead Moderator,

    If you want to see a vigorous debate, google "soy thyroid" (do not include quotes) and you'll see a lot of negative scientific findings (and counterpoints). Even says the bottom line on who is right on the issue of soy being good or bad for the thyroid is "undetermined".

    Michael Cockrell


    Locale: Central Valley, Lodi-Stockton, CA

    Your right about choices.

    I have used the powdered rice from a sample packet, just prefer the soy. I like staying away from dairy, so the rice is a good alternate, and not THAT far off of nice taste, just different.

    Ever heard the Bobby Bar song "Food Blues" about everything is bad for him to order at a restaurant, except whiskey, beer, and red red wine

    Michael Cockrell


    Locale: Central Valley, Lodi-Stockton, CA

    The real bad thing about these food posts, and Laura's comments . . .

    is that you keep waking up in the night . . . just thinking about that meal ya'r going to make, and how nice, warm, tasty it is going to be . . . snuggled in your bag, warm cap on, with hands gripping the warm container, and a hot cuppa sitting there!

    Jay Wilkerson
    BPL Member


    Locale: East Bay

    I have been packing in Enfamil LIPIL w/Iron.. It comes in a very small 17gram(0.6oz) foil packet and makes 4oz of milk..I know its infant formula powder but it taste really good and is very easy to pack in…They sell them at Target and my local Safeway.

    Sarah Kirkconnell
    BPL Member


    Locale: Homesteading On An Island In The PNW

    I have been using Better Than Milk powdered soy for my son since he was a toddler. He does not drink dairy and prefers dry soy to dry milk in most everything I make him. The only things I don't use it in is pudding for him…..

    And quite honestly in the taste department, I prefer soy milk over dairy milk for on cereal. Just never been a dairy drinker except for in lattes, where the heated milk's sugars change taste.

    daniel pearson


    Due to the overwhelming response to the sudden end of the product known as Milkman, our company (Marron Foods) has decided to take over the production and distribution of this product. Our plan is to have it back on the market sometime this summer. For more information, please contact me at [email protected].

    Marilyn Pitts
    BPL Member


    Locale: Southern California

    My vote's for Nido. I use it as a milk substitute in scrambled eggs (Ova Easy, some water and Nido) and it dissolves easily in coffee and tea. My packmates have been Milkman fans for years, but after trying the Nido have changed over. You can find it Latino markets or online at suppliers such as PackIt Gourmet.

    William von Kaenel


    Re: UTH cream. Where does one procure a 'brick' of 12 or 30% fat UTH cream? A Google search for UTH cream reveals mainly food industry sites.

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