Snow Peak Ti bowl for a pot

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    Dale Wambaugh
    BPL Member


    Locale: Pacific Northwest

    I picked up a Snow Peak Trek titanium bowl a while back and I’ve been wanting to try it as a pot. I was cleaning up some gear tonite and came across the bowl. I tried it for fit on the Esbit folding stove and it was stable with the sides folded at 45 degrees.

    I got out my Trangia burner and the Trangia windscreen/pot holder that comes with the model 28 cook set — it is just a big aluminum cup with the sides cut with big notches and smaller holes down low that are folder over to hold the burner on center. I bent the tips of the windscreen sides in a bit to match the bottom wdith of the bowl better. A moderate bend gave me another 1/2″ to spare for stability. With the stove fully warmed up, 2 cups of cool tap water in the bowl and a piece of aluminum foil for a lid, I got a good rolling boil in 5-1/2 minutes indoors on my kitchen stove and the blower in the range hood going. A standard aluminum pot lifter worked perfectly.

    So, if you want a $12, 1.6oz titanium pot that will boil up to 16 ounces of fluid with an aluminum foil lid, this is it. Of course it still makes a good bowl for your oatmeal, soup, or whatever. A pop can stove should work fine with the bowl and stash nicely inside. Likewise, a 110g fuel cartidge and any of the small butane burners would sit down inside the bowl for packing. I think it’s just the ticket for a solo overnighter– boil up some water for a dehydrated dinner and another round in the morning for coffee and oatmeal.

    Snow Peak needs to make a really light lid for the bowl– one that doubles as a plate like the little Trangia 28 pot/bowl combo does.

    Dane Burke


    Locale: Western Washington

    The only thing stopping me from buying it is the lack of a lid. It’s much lighter than my current pot, but I’m sure I would rip a home-made foil lid instantly. Also I don’t want to carry a pot holder, so I would need to add on a wire bail.

    Dale Wambaugh
    BPL Member


    Locale: Pacific Northwest

    I doubled some foil and rolled the edges to make a lid. You can fashion a little handle on one side to make it easier to lift to peek inside. A foil lid can be really crude– all you want to do is keep the heat in and the bugs and pine needles out.

    Your wire bail idea is simple and good. I’d make a couple tiny holes on opposite sides so the wire could be threaded outside just under the lip and wouldn’t block a lid. A wire bail would be great if cooking on a fire.

    The pot grabber was really stable though– gripped it nice and tight with no flex. I’ve been badly burned with hot liquids, so I’ll take the extra ounces :)

    D G


    Locale: Pacific Northwet

    By the way, the pot grabber that comes with the mini trangia setup works with the snow peak bowl. I think it weighs about 0.7 oz or so.


    Paul Tree


    Locale: Wowwww

    Is it angled enough to lick it clean?

    Buck Stolberg
    BPL Member


    Locale: Harlem

    Late edit. Really sorry about that Rand.

    Didn't figure out I could edit posts for a while, and have been avoiding this one.

    For compatibility of something not on the usual list, contact Trail Designs. Rand has been very good with email and receptive to answering my questions at length. They are interested in your questions, comments, and feedback because they are a good company and to anticipate what people are interested in.

    Over the years I have read multiple user reviews on the forums of people asking for a specific combo of caldera cone (new pots, fits inside the pot, titanium for wood burning, etc…), and Trail Designs making a new design for them to try out. Send them an idea of your dream setup and they might be able to make it come true.

    Rand Lindsly
    BPL Member


    Locale: Yosemite


    For the purposes of my conversation with you….my comments were fine. However, I probably would not have phrased it like I did had I known it would be posted here.

    Clearly the BPL550SUL, BPL550 and Brasslite600 are not the same pot. As to the BPL's, one has a handle and the other doesn't. As to the difference in the Brasslite, the handle is in a different place…..and there are similar lid and handle difference with the other pots I mentioned.

    The context of my comment was that we designed a single Caldera Cone to fit all those that I called "same pot" because the diameter and height were, for all intents and purposes, identical.

    Hope that adds a little clarity.


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