ID eVENT or Lighthouse?

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    I’m looking for a 2 person tent I would take along when I’m hiking with my girlfriend (she’s not into tarp camping) and at the same time I could use for any conditions, including winter but no mountaneering, where a tarp is not suitable. So I looked at either the ID MK eVENT or at the Black Diamond Lighthouse. I assume the ID eVENT breathes better but as I’m 6’3 tall I would need the XL 2 person Version. The Lighthouse seems to be long enough but how breathable is the combi Silnylon/Epic??.
    Of course, I also appreciate any alternatives…
    Thanx so much for any input



    If you like tarp camping – you’ll appreciate the openess of the Lighthouse.

    My wife prefers a fully enclosed shelter also. When looking for a 2
    person tent to use for any conditions, including winter, I purchased
    the Black Diamond Lighthouse and have been very pleased. We have had
    the Lighthouse almost a year, out in all kinds of weather: wind, rain,
    light snow, even a hailstorm, and lots of nice weather too. The key to
    our happiness with the Lighthouse is the ventilation and view. We leave
    the window and door open whenever possible.
    Tarp camping is the lightest way to go, and has great ventilation, but
    we are often in regulated areas that require using established sites –
    with the associated insects, pests and privacy issues that made a fully
    enclosed shelter the choice we made. We have used an 8 pound
    “backpacking tent”, a 4 pound “ultralight tent”,
    tarp-netting-groundsheet combinations and tarp-bivy combos. The
    Lighthouse with the aftermarket carbon fiber poles has the balance of
    weight, storm protection, ease of setup, ventilation, insect/pest
    protection, and privacy that we decided on.
    The Lighthouse has performed excellent on all fronts, The only moisture
    we have ever noticed was during an all night rain in the Ozarks last
    November. The top of the dome formed some moisture and the rain would
    knock it loose to fall directly on our sleeping bags. The moisture
    evaporated faster than it accumulated, so we ignored it. Rain will
    enter through the door when open, a poncho tarp set up over the
    entrance and top of dome would solve both issues if long periods of
    rain are encountered again.

    I have no experience with the ID tents, or the eVENT fabric. The SilNylon floor of our Lighthouse has not had any punctures or leaks. The epic fabric does not form moisture on the walls.

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    Thanx Anonymous for your answer, I really appreciate it.
    The only thing that worries me is, as statet on Biblers page and agreed in the tent review of the “Firstlight”, that Epic is NOT 100% waterpoof, why should I buy a tent that isn’t waterproof. I’m planning to go to Patagonia and I know there can be lots of storm and rain??
    So any alternatives?? What’s more “breathable”?? Epic or the ID Mk1 Material? not the eVENT version)or even gore tex?
    Thanx for any input

    Dane Burke


    Locale: Western Washington

    I owned the Lighthouse a while ago. It’s a nice tent, if you need a floor. I returned it because I think floorless shelters are much better. In good weather the Lighthouse did just fine, but the only time I used it in bad weather it had some major condensation problems. Realize, though, that this was on Shi Shi Beach, on the coast of Washington, which is an extremely wet place. I thought about cutting the silnylon floor out, and the bug netting too, then maybe replacing the poles with some carbon fiber ones, but instead I decided to go with Integral Design’s SilPonchco and GoLite’s Hex 3 when I need more room and protection.

    Oh by the way, I am 6’3 as well and the lighthouse was just big enough for me. Either the hood or foot of my sleeping bag was usually lightly touching the walls, but no big deal. It isn’t palatial but it is a reasonable size for people our height.

    E. H. Clemmons
    BPL Member


    You might try calling Integral and talking to Evan, the designer who usually answers the phone. Those guys are all climbers and have probably been to Patagonia. He might suggest you use their TegralTex rather than the Event, but he will be straight with you either way. I have the MK1XL and it is smallish for two. It will just fit 2 20″ pads. I also have the Ahwahnee which is the ToddTex version of the lighthouse. That tent is much larger than the MK1XL, which is much larger than the MK1 lite. I am 5’11 and Evan warned me off the MK1. Another thing about the MK1 tent with the mini doors, is that is has no awning and if you are dealing with rain, you may be unhappy with it. I looked at the version with two mini doors, and decided on the XL with the vestibule option. The Lighthouse or something else might be better for you. But Integral is made in Canada whereas Bibler is made offshore now.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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