Anyone using an MLD Spirit quilt (or similar) as an over quilt for colder temps?

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    Adam Frizzell
    BPL Member


    Locale: Mid-Atlantic

    I'm tossing around the idea of going after a synthetic quilt in the 45 degree range to use, not only in humid midatlantic summer, but also to bolster a cold weather sleep system. I can't sew, so I'm looking at MLD's Spirit 45 quilt.
    Has anyone gone this route too? If so, what quilt/bag are you using under the over quilt? I'd love to know temp ratings of your over quilt and under quilt/bag and how cold you were able to take your sleep system down to. Also, what type of clothing were you using too?
    It seems like an approach like this would make sense to, theoretically, make the best use of all your gear throughout the seasons. You get yourself a 32 degree down quilt a 45 degree synthetic quilt and together, or separately, you have a great setup throughout the year (at least for what one might encounter around here). That being said, I could also see how an over quilt could compromise the loft of a down quilt or bag underneath it, yes? Throw the whole thing in a bivy and it sounds awesome, but I'm sure I'm missing something.
    I'd love to hear your opinion or experience with a set up like this.

    Thanks all,

    Jeff K


    Locale: New York

    Hi Adam,

    I am clearly not an expert, but I can link to some threads that may be of help from people that have more experience than I.

    Rough Formula for Combining Ratings of Bags

    Layering Bags

    Layering Quilts

    I hope this helps.

    John Frederick Anderson
    BPL Member


    Locale: Spain

    Yes, I do.
    I used to use a 3 season bag, but ALWAYS woke up sweating inside- not good for me, or the bag.
    Now, I use a Rab Top Bag, not the latest version, but the one before, 430g. It is rated to 0 degrees C, which is a bit optimistic.
    I sometimes also take a MLD 3Thirds XP quilt, 240g, when I think the weather will be colder, or I am going higher.
    I wear it inside the Top Bag, or outside like a blanket with the Rab TB, depending on the conditions during the night.
    I don't like bivys, so this is mostly in a SMD Serenity bug net with either a TR Womens Pro lite 3, a RR 3/4 or a Warmlite DAM, depending on the hike.
    In mid summer, I can combine the 2Thirds quilt with a Patagonia Micro Puff jersey or a Hagloffs LIM Primaloft jersey and forget the down bag for wet or hot conditions.
    It's a pretty modular and flexible system. Sometimes I think a jacket and pants combo would be better, but haven't gone down that road. I find sleeping in pants a bit muggy.
    I sleep hot, so this is an attempt to avoid condensation and waking up sweating. YMMV.
    Shelter size and other variables should be considered. I use a ShangriLa 3 (coldish and draughty) for high mountains, huge for one, but I like BIG shelters for when I get stuck in a storm (always seems to happen).
    I also use a 8×10 tarp for lower altitudes, and the quilt helps with draughts.
    I hope this helps.

    Adam Frizzell
    BPL Member


    Locale: Mid-Atlantic

    Jeff – Thanks for passing along links to those other threads. I read through them and there is some great info there!

    John – Thanks for the added info. Glad to hear a setup like this is out in practice. I do have a jacket and pants combo for when temps hover around 30-25 degrees F. This, coupled with my 32 degree F WM bag does a great job. I think the addition of the MLD quilt could add a lot of benefits, as you described, when I want to take the system down into the teens. I too sleep fairly warm, so I'll definitely want to test this setup on an overnight trip before relying on it for any long periods of time (I also worry about sweating through my down clothing and inner bag).
    I think I'm going to give it a go! I do like the flexibility of the idea. We have warm humid summers in the midatlantic (80 degrees F at night with 100% humidity) and the synthetic quilt alone would do wonders for this as well.

    Thanks again for your replies thus far.


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