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    Ryan Faulkner


    I have changed alot of my ideas in the last few months and this is what I came up for a 3 season gear list

    clothing worn

    02.00 Nike dri fit hat
    05.70 Russel athletic dri power shirt
    12.00 Galyans convertable pants
    01.20 Wright sock double layer cool mesh
    26.00 Vasque trail runners

    other worn or carried

    04.20 gossamer gear light trek poles
    00.25 photon light on lanyard

    clothing packed

    02.50 golite wisp wind shirt
    05.20 mont bell U.L inner vest
    01.50 reebok fleece hat
    00.90 old navy fleece glove liners


    03.70 Gossamer gear G6 uberlight
    00.27 BMW spinn stuff sack small for essentials

    shelter and sleep system

    10.00 golite poncho tarp
    00.08 aircore 2 spectra guy lines
    01.40 BMW hi vis tent stakes
    04.60 vapor nano bivy
    14.90 Nunatak Arc ghost
    02.60 1/2 GG thinlight 3/8″

    cooking and water

    00.40 homemade red bull side burner and wind screen
    00.50 plastic water bottle feul bottle
    00.60 home made energy can pot
    00.10 KFC plastic spork
    00.40 mini bic lighter
    01.70 2 1 liter platypus bottles
    01.10 aqua mira in mini dropper bottles

    other essentials

    01.00 TP, towel, dr. bronners, tooth brush
    01.70 leather man micra
    00.50 home made first aid kit
    01.20 small roll of duct tape

    in Pack: 3.58 lbs
    worn or carried: 3.2lbs

    Michael Wands


    Locale: Piney Woods

    I went on my first backpacking excursion in 1967. About 10 of us spent 7 arduous days and covered a whopping 50 miles! Anyway, I was hooked and have been hiking ever since.

    I have a reasonable base weight. A little over 5lb in winter and under 3 in July and August (No insulation needed in Texas).

    When I read gear lists on the forum or out on the net there are some items that I consider essential that don’t ever seem to appear. I’m just wondering how people get around carrying some things. Your gear list is very insightful and I would really appreciate if you could enlighten me.

    1. Zip lock freezer bags – to double bag used TP, to store my trash and trash I collect from the trail, to use as emergency water carrier, to use as a pillow.

    2. ID – I carry a driver’s license and a card with emergency contact info, allergies, blood type, etc.

    3. Pen – for trailhead register.

    4. Truck key!

    5. Permits

    6. Map – even if it is one of those State Park maps. Just to get my bearings.

    7. Cash & Credit Card – for registration and in case my truck is broken into or won’t start at the trailhead.

    8. Laminated 3X5 picture of Angelina Jolie.

    Don’t you at least carry some of this stuff? I don’t carry much emergency gear other than what is in my head, but I can’t imagine travelling the trail without any of these things.

    Please enlighten me.

    Vick Hines


    Locale: Central Texas

    You bet! Thanks for bringing this up. I was wondering the same thing. I put this on my gear list and keep these in a Alosak (sp?):

    car key , skeletonized, (0.2)
    drivers license (0.15)
    credit card (0.17)
    medical history and medication card (0.17)
    health insurance card (0.10)

    These are essential items to get to the trailhead and you can’t leave them in the car. I also end up with some cash (0.03 per bill), and leave change in the car.

    On long trails I usually carry another credit card or two, phone card, some cash and some quarters for a pay phone (0.2 each).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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