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    Kenneth Gurney


    This is my overnight gear list… The tent changes to a 2man 3season when traveling with my wife. Let me know what you think…

    Category Item Weight (oz)

    Clothes Rain Jacket (Marmot Precip M) 11.75
    Clothes Rain Pants (REI Elements M) 8.50
    Cooking Fuel (100gm JetBoil) 6.25
    Cooking Spork (Snow Peak Titanium) 0.60
    Cooking Stove (JetBoil) 15.00
    First Aid First Aid Kit (Adv. Med. Pocket Medic) 1.75
    Misc. Emergency Blanket 1.75
    Misc. Guyline (Triptease 25’) 0.75
    Misc. Head Lamp (Sreamline Septor w/batt.) 5.00
    Misc. Microlight (Inova) 0.25
    Misc. Multi-Tool (Gerber Total Eclipse) 1.30
    Misc. Personal (Toothbrush, TP, ect…) 4.00
    Misc. Towel (MSR 12”x22”) 1.50
    Pack Back Pack (Vapor Trail) 38.00
    Shelter Solo Tent (BD Lightsabre) 19.00
    Sleeping Sleeping bag (SD Wild Bill) 54.50
    Sleeping Sleeping Pad (Therm-a-Rest Z-lite S) 9.00
    Water Water Bladder (Platypus 2L w/hose) 3.00
    Water Water Bottle (Platypus 2.4L) 1.20
    Water Water Filter (Katadyn Hiker) 11.50

    Total Weight of Selected Items (12.16lbs)194.60

    As some of you know I am willing to try new stuff out, but I have to carry a tent/bivy…

    Ken Helwig
    BPL Member


    Locale: Scotts Valley CA via San Jose, CA

    I was wondering what if you switched to an alcohol stove like The Vargo Triad which weighs in at a little over an ounce and switch to alcohol fuel to go with it. This could save you considerable abount of weight right there. Also if you don’t mind using Aqua Mira, I use an inline filter in my pack (which gives me the drink on the go) and I use Aqua Mira in two small droplet bottles from BMW. This weighs in 5 ounces and works real well for me. Other than that your list looks great. Keep in mind that I am only throwing out a few suggestions, whatever works for you is fine. Also do you carry next to sking layers (Smartwool?) and a jacket for insulation (Montbell Thermawrap or something like that) I guess it depends on where you are hiking. Me The Sierra’s so I need insulation to keep warm at 10,000. Good luck with your adventures!!

    Ken Helwig
    BPL Member


    Locale: Scotts Valley CA via San Jose, CA

    Also just curious, your bag weighs in at 54 ounces. Is it a synthetic bag or Down? You could save quite a bit and not sacrifice to much in comfort if you went with a 850 fill bag like Western Moountaineering’s Ultra light. It weighs in at around 32 ounces. right there you have a bag that could extend you temp. range without no sacrifices.

    Kenneth Gurney


    Thanks for the reply Ken…

    I posted this List on a couple of other sites also and have recieved alot of feedback, so….

    JetBoil… I have looked at MSR and the aluminum can Stoves and if you figure in The stove, fuel, fuel container, aluminum foil, pot and/or pan, wind screen and a MSR Spoon tool there is very little difference…
    Oh, the MSR fuel Cannister is lighter that the Jetboil cannister(I’ll change the weight on that as soon as I go to REI and pick one up and weigh it)
    I realize we are talking ounces and thats the name of the game, but I guess I’m a little trendy on this one. By the end of the summer I’m sure I’ll change my mind:):)

    Synthetic… I did look in to getting a lighter bag, but I carry no insulating pants, nor do I carry a bag liner for warmth… I think I remember viewing the weights of a lighter bag, pants and liner… Once again I am sure I was very close to the same weight of the bag alone??

    All-n-all, I tend to change my mind and am willing to try anything once… I will be ordering one of the Aluminum can stoves, so I “can” say I tried it:)

    Oh, I will be dropping 3.5oz from the Katadyn filter… The platypus hose is the same hose diameter (No need for the bottle attachments the filter comes with). I also figured that in using the hydration system in my pack I can simply plug the pump to the drinking hose and fill it up without having to unload the pack to fill it and add treatment…:)
    Yes, I know… I’m still hauling the extra wieght… Sorry!
    Remember, I’m new at this and I’m going to make some mistakes, This is gear for Overnight adventures with my wife.
    With the help from you and others I have reduced my weight from a staggering 29lbs to 17lbs and now 12lbs…

    Ken Helwig
    BPL Member


    Locale: Scotts Valley CA via San Jose, CA

    Hey Ken, you’re way ahead of the game already. Going from 29 down to 12 is pretty awesome. I started out with 50-60lbs and if I am out with my buddies, my base is 13lbs, and when I am with my wife I am usually around 17lbs becuase I carry more of the load, a far cry from my old weight. If I understand correctly you are relying on your bag as you warmth at night instead of carrying next to skin as well as carrying a jacket? Could be a good idea. If for anything check out the Vargo Triad alcohol stove. It is not a pop can stove but a stove with pot supports and legs that has been my go to for the past 6 months. Colder weather calls for a cannister stove and I have been eyeing the new Vargo cannister stove that was just introduced.

    Kenneth Gurney


    I wear…
    PolarMax tech. base layer (Tights and long sleeve)
    REI long sleeve shirt
    Marmot Pumori Fleece
    Abercrombie Pants ?? Yes… I’ve had them for about 3years and I love them. (nylon-cotton blend, cargo pockets and zippered leg vents)17oz
    WrightSock Coolmesh socks
    Salomon trail/running shoes

    This is my Day Hiking set-up… I plan to wear it on the overnights this summer.
    I may pick-up a pair of wool socks?

    Just wondering, What part of the country do you live in…
    I’m here on the West coast, Sacramento… Right between the Coast and the Mountains.

    Ken Helwig
    BPL Member


    Locale: Scotts Valley CA via San Jose, CA

    Hey Ken not too far at all. I live in San Jose, CA which as you know is 2 hours from you. Lucky you that you don’t have to suffer with getting out of the bay area on a friday night. lol.

    Kenneth Gurney


    Well I did it… Synthetic sleeping bag out, Down bag in;) So I’m Counting Down the pounlds(not ounces) on this one… Mountain Hardware Phantom 32+ w/stuff sack is 1lb 8oz… I will be adding REI microfleece pants(longjohns) 7oz just incase…
    The headlamp is not in my new gear list, but I’m not sure if I like being without it yet? So…. my new weight is 10.26lbs, not much more I can do and still feel comfortable. Yes, I see you all looking at the Jetboil… And I know I could drop under 10lbs with something else… I just love my Jetboil:) We’ll see…

    Kenneth Gurney


    HaHaHa… I still use the JetBoil, but I have replaced all my Cooking gear on my solo list with:
    DrunkenGear Alcohol Stove… (Modified Tin Man)
    DrunkenGear Wind Screen
    DrunkenGear Pouch Cozy
    Snow Peak 600 Ti mug
    Aluminum foil
    Mini BIC lighter
    2 cup, plastic cup
    Tuna can bottom
    Nalgene Bottle w/5fl oz of Fuel.
    Snow Peak Ti Spork
    just under 12 ounces…



    Your Shelter (BD Lightsaber) is an excellent choice, but there are lighter options out there. Your statement “I have to carry a tent/bivy” leaves little room for variation….have you tried a tarp/bivy combo? There are many 6-7 ounce bivy bags out now with breathable tops, combined with a poncho tarp, you may be able to leave the rain jacket at home for many trips. The option of setting up the tarp alone for rest stops make the tarp/bivy combo worth a look.
    An Integral Designs SilPoncho (10 oz) with a BD Winter Bivy (8.8 oz) would weigh in less than the Lightsaber – and give you a lot more flexiblity getting out of the weather. Mountain Laurel Designs has a catenary cut ridgeline Poncho tarp (7.75 oz) you could combine with their Neutrino Bivy (5.1 oz), or Bug Bivy (6.8 oz) if your just don’t like Bivy sacks. BMW SpinPoncho (6.5 oz) + BMW Vapr Bivy Sack (6.5 oz) are on the low weight end of the spectrum. Equinox Terrapin Poncho (7 oz) + Equinox Ultralight Bivy Cover (6.5 oz) would be a value priced option.
    I use a HH Light Racer A-Sym with an Integral Designs SilPoncho instead of the OEM tarp, about 25 ounces – but I leave the rain jacket and pants home and save a pound. Here in the Midwest we don’t have any real mountains, so there are always trees. The comfort of the hammock can not be matched sleeping on the ground at any weight. My wife prefers the hammock to any other outdoor sleeping system, I think she likes the idea of being off the ground away from the bugs and critters. The biggest hassle of hammock camping is when car camping we have to find a site that has trees to hang from. In the woods, a hammock site is easier to find than a tent site.
    In the end, it’s your decision what will work best for your own needs and the environment you will be in.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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