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    Locale: Western Oregon

    disclaimer: I am new to backpacking and this is my first pack. (I have the exos 46)

    I love this pack! I've used every feature except the sleeping pad straps, which are easy to wrap up and stow under the pack. Haven't had any issues with them catching on anything, as mentioned in the review… even while bushwhacking.

    I have no issues with the sternum strap height settings and the shoulder strap width seems to fit me well. No issues with the load lifter straps loosening; that seems to be fixed.

    This pack has a lot of compartments, which allows a lot of flexibility when packing. The side mesh pockets seemed tight at first, but after some breaking in time seem to be just about perfect. I can comfortably fit a full 1 Liter platypus water bottle in a mesh pocket.

    I was concerned about durability at first, but the pack seems to be holding up well. The high stress / high wear areas appear to be appropriately reinforced.

    I love this pack!

    Edit: I just had the same malfunction mentioned earlier in the thread about the O support popping out of place. I can't get it back in there for the life of me. I was getting ready to call Osprey customer service… anyone have any suggestions for me? Anyone have issues with repeat failures? That would be really annoying.

    Jiri Sedlacek


    I bought this backpack and also the bigger version, Exos 58 to compare. They are both good although I feel the bigger load possible in the 58 puts too much strain on the thin harness and hipbelt, also pulls it more back (more pressure on your shoulders).
    My only complaint with both – and a big one: the frame squeaks! The stretch material attached to the frame squeaks when it moves – which it does with every step, at least for me. Is it really just me? Some specific posture and way of walking? I am quite surprised that after searching the web I haven't found any single reference to this. And it's really annoying after a while, I can tell you (unles you hike constantly past rushing waters and waterfalls, that is:-))
    Anybody having this problem? Possible remedy (waxing the frame, etc.)? I don't want to have to return those otherwise great packs. Jiri, male 6'3'', 34'', both L size packs.

    Mike Van
    BPL Member


    Got my 46 today, already love it. I noticed the squeaking is generated by the white elastic paint on the stretch material rubbing against the oval shaped reinforcement (with the writing "airspeed" in the centre). Osprey should invert the colours, "airspeed" should be written in white leaving the stretch material black. It's so simple I can't understand why they didn't do it yet. Anyhow putting something soft between the stretch and the oval shaped reinforcement should solve the "problem": I just don't want to hear my backpack making unnecessary noises will I walk in nature…

    Stephen Barber
    BPL Member


    Locale: SoCal

    Last summer I was hiking with my daughter when a guy with an old frame pack came charging past us. The squeaks and rattles were amazing! I told my daughter, "That's how we all used to sound in the old days!" I'd forgotten how loud the old frame packs could be!

    You could also try just a bit of silicon between the two offending surfaces.



    Locale: West

    I had the same problem a few years ago with a Stratos 24. When I got in touch with Osprey, they said to use some silicon lubricant to solve the problem.

    I can't report how it worked because the suspension failed soon after, and I ended up returning the pack.

    Mike Van
    BPL Member


    Putting something between the stretch material and the oval shaped reinforcement didn't solve the squeaking problem. I've been squeaking around the Ligurian Alps for 4 days. I don't have time now but if I don't find a solution I have to get rid of this otherwise great pack.

    Mike Van
    BPL Member


    Still have to try it in the field but the squeaking seems gone now. It took me 2 hours to get rid of the annoying sounds making use of silicone based lubricant, Vaseline and 4 pieces of drinking tube. Hope Osprey will do something about it in the next version…

Viewing 7 posts - 51 through 57 (of 57 total)
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