Elephant’s Foot Quilt?

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    Casey Cardwell
    BPL Member


    Locale: On the Dirt in Oregon

    It makes sense to me…has anyone tried it? My idea isn't exactly a quilt, I suppose, more like a Big Agnes style half bag, where you have a quilt top and foot box, connected at the bottom with thin fabric (to keep the bag wrapped around you), and short to where it only comes up to your abdomen.

    If it were to work, it would shave several ounces, pack down smaller, and, combined with a good jacket (and maybe a pad), make for a decent sleep system.

    Any thoughts?

    Denis Hazlewood
    BPL Member


    Locale: Northern California

    My bag of choice is the original North Face Beeline. "900" fill down, 30°, 20 ounces, no zipper. I mostly use it as an "elephant foot" bag. The jacket I carry is a Montbell Thermawrap, which works until the temperature drops enough that I pull the bag up around my shoulders. A good warm hat tops off my sleep system. I've no hair and need the insulation when the temperature drops below the mid 40's.

    te – wa
    BPL Member


    Locale: Phoenix

    S.D. Wicked Light in short made a good 3/4 bag. I used it just as you described, supplimented with a Moonstone Cirrus UL jacket.

    of course that 45° temp rating may not work for you, then there is always the Western Tamarack. I dont know anyone who has used a Tamarack but its WM quality and thats good enough for me. I was thinking of using one of these for my hammock, and a WM flight jacket up top.

    Joe Westing


    Your idea of having a quilt top with a fabric bottom is called a top bag. I know Nunatak makes elephant's foot bag but they have insulation all around. I don't know anybody who makes elephant's foot top bags. I'm not really an expert w/ top bags but I know there are definitely people who use them on this forum. It does seem like a pretty good idea considering you have to wear insulated clothing w/ an elephant's foot bag anyway (drafts wouldn't be a huge issue)

    Christopher Plesko


    Locale: Rocky Mountains

    Like the Nunatak arc AT?

    I like the concept but it only works if you are definitely also already bringing a jacket. Otherwise a full length quilt or bag is more weight efficient.

    Steven Evans
    BPL Member


    Locale: Canada

    Half bags are great – definitely my first choice, but not for everyone…takes some getting used to. The Nunatak quilts have some straps on the back to keep them wrapped around you. A think a piece of fabric would work aswell (not sure how that would save more weight then having nothing there), but you would lose the venting option to some extent, which is one of the benfits to quilts.

    My setup pictured below:
    Back Sleeper

    Mireille Halley
    BPL Member


    Locale: So Cal

    I've got one. I'm short enough that it covers my shoulders It's darn warm…

    Brad Groves
    BPL Member


    Locale: Michigan

    Full disclosure, I am a retailer for WM. That said, before I worked at this shop I worked at another that didn't carry WM–and although I could've gotten a decent bag at a great price, I drove here to pay retail for WM.

    The Tamarack is a pretty awesome little bag. I struggled between getting that and the SummerLite. I'm 5'6", wear a 42" jacket, and I could just squeeze under the neck opening of the Tamarack… but it was tight. Elephant foot use as intended is super warm. Lots of loft. Unzips all around to use as a quilt. Also one of the best bargains out there. $190 for a 19 ounce 30 degree (quite conservative) 850 fill bag.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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