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    Ben Shuman


    Having left college at the moment, i’m finding more time to get out and active, particularly in the spring and summer. I’m doing nothing hardcore like mountaineering and stuff…just simple hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, etc. I’m trying to make a layering system that will work for most seasons, but seriously doubt i will be out in temps lower than 20 or in elevations over 4000′ around the WV region. As such, this is what i was looking at for my torso…

    Base 2.3 oz. MontBell Silk T-Shirt $35
    Mid 5.6 oz. MontBell Fleece Vest $65
    Out 8.2oz. MonBell Thermawrap $129
    Wind 2.3 oz. Montane Aero $99

    Total Weight 18.4 oz.
    Total Cost – $328

    Plus, I already have a Precip for much in the way of showers. So add 11oz to that…

    In the winter, i’d probably replace the t-shirt with a midweight long sleeve capline, and would throw in a hood or baclava of some sort. In the summer heat I obviouly won’t bring the thermawrap and possibly the fleece would go away as well.

    As far as lower layers, i haven’t looked into them much….probably simple, like some capline boxers, shorts (or light hiking pants), wind pants, and some fleece something or other for the colder days… In any case, i’d like to keep the total clothing weight below 3 lbs for the coolest temps….

    How’s this sound? Are there cheaper alternatives that wouldn’t give up much in the way of weight savings? Ideas? Comments?

    I suppose it’s wise to mention the sleep system…I’ve got a 21 oz 35′ Mountainsmith Wisp bag on a trimmed closed cell foam pad (6oz) and Squall Tarptent.

    The longest i’ll be out at this point would be 8 weeks or so durring the summer. Normal trips will just be 3-5 days… (i have to work to pay for all this stuff, ya know)

    Lemme know what ya think :)

    FYI, goin’ ultralight due to blowin’ my knee climbing in the adorondaks…had surgery 4 months ago and don’t really feel like seeing the doc again real soon…

    Jeremy Best


    I am going to order the UL Wrap jacket this spring, how has the jacket worked for you?

    Frank Deland


    Locale: On the AT in VA

    Consider replacing fleece layers with the Marmot DriClime Windshirt. It compacts smaller, ie less bulky than fleece, plus it adds a wind resistant water repellent layer as well as the warmth of fleece. Comfortable to sleep in on a chilly night, too. Usually $99, on sale at EMS $59 with limited sizes and colors. Also, let your Marmot Precip pants act double as wind pants and raingear. If you plan to use them in winter, go for the full-zip along the leg version.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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