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    Sleeping pads — For 3-season hikes, I don't think you'll need Prolites and Z-lites together. If you desire more comfort, consider air pads.

    Cooking — are these (or something similar) available in Israel? If so, then all you need is one 16-oz pot/mug and a spork (or fork) per person for cookware.

    Wind jacket – Take a look at: Patagonia Houdini, Golite Ether, or Marmot Ion. Of the three, the Houdini is the most breathable — but blocks less of the cold from permeating through. I have the Marmot Ion and I like its balance between breathability and wind-blocking ability.

    As for my trip, I'm actually leaving in about 4 hours. I'm going for a month of solo traveling through Egypt, Jordan and Israel. I may do the 'touristy' one or two day "bedouin" excursion — but otherwise, no real hiking — mostly focusing on the region's history and culture.

    Within Israel, I plan to visit the north (Galilee area), then Jerusalem, and then on to Tel Aviv and parts of the south.

    Things seem to be flaring up again in Gaza/southern Israel… I know my trip is trivial in the overall scheme of things… but I hope the situation won't escalate further. It's been two years of relative quiet…

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    1. In case you are interested in alcohol stoves — this site provides wonderful information.

    2. For light weight "freezer bag" cooking, click here.

    slavenya slavenya
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    Locale: Israel

    And what about trekking poles, could you recommend some? I was thinking about some inexpensive ones for the first try. Never tried use them before. But I see that Double Rainbow can use trekking poles in its freestand mode.

    About cooking – of course there is some kind of add-water meal but everyone say they are so unhealthy(not frezed but with some really complex chemistry inside) … And as far as I know there is no meal in backpackers stores.

    Have a nice trip. If you go to Haifa, send me an email. slavenya at gmail dot com

    Guys, any recommendation about retailer store at two areas:
    1. Durham, NH
    2. North Conway, NH

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    Are you and I the only ones on the forum today? :)

    REI is a great store. Nothing in NH, but they have several stores in Massachusetts.

    The great thing about REI is that you can order anything online and time it to deliver to the nearest store for your pickup. This means free shipping. If you're only going to be there one time, don't rely on luck to have the store carry everything you need or want or are just interested in browsing. Given your situation, I would order online ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING that you are interested in — including different sizes and colors of the same things. Once there, it's just a way of GUARANTEEING that all the stuff will be available at the store when you visit! Once there, simply choose and keep what you like — and just return everything else at the counter. Since the goods are still new with tags and all — there's no loss to REI. EMS may work the same way, but check to be sure.

    Hiking poles. Since I travel, I only look at 'collapsible', adjustable height poles — and always avoid fixed-length ones.

    1. VERY light and a bit expensive — check out

    2. Not too heavy, good quality at good value — check out REI's Traverse hiking poles.

    Thanks for sharing your address. I'll send you an email.

    Andrew Richardson


    Locale: North East

    I hope you have a great time in Israel, Egypt and Jordan. I just got back from Israel a week or so ago and I had a great time. I went from the southern most tip all the way to the Golan Heights and Tiberius. I was hiking a few miles every day and then spending the rest of my time wandering around all the amazing historical sites. I was there for 10 days and I will definitely be going back sometime.

    The Galilee area is really beautiful. The Negev is also beautiful. I had never experienced such a vast desert before. I would recommend being in Jerusalem on Shabbat. It's amazing to see a city become so quiet. The feeling is really indescribable. Try to see Masada as the history in that place is quite amazing. It's amazing how peaceful Israel feels. Though there is so much going on, the people are in high spirits and there is an energy in that country which is so unique and special. I know you will have a great time! I wish I could have explored egypt and jordan on my trip, but rent forced me to return!

    I wish I could have typed more and in more detail, but I know you are leaving soon and may not even get a chance to read this. Anyways, have a good and safe trip. I look forward to hearing about it when you return!

    Denis Hazlewood
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    Locale: Northern California

    Not to sound like a broken record, but: The LuxuryLite pack frame with 4 of the large cylinders has a volume of 5654 cubic inches and weighs as little as 2.45 pounds. When my girlfriend got sick and I took most of her load, I've carried about 50 pounds with my LL pack. I love it.LuxuryLight Modular External Frame Backpack  On the trail to Dardanelles Lake.

Viewing 6 posts - 26 through 31 (of 31 total)
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