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    Phillip M
    BPL Member


    The 2019 maps are in. Still do not show a trail/route from Apache Springs to Garcia Cow. Garcia Cow to Wild Horse Camp appears to be 4WD tracks.

    Looking at Satellite photos there is a 4wd track that crosses the flats East/West across the north end of Garcia Park and that is roughly were shows their trail/route after following the tree line out of the Apache Springs Camp.

    Good ole land navigation, I have my favorite route in mind will depend on the desires of Philmont Logistics, Terrain, and what info I can pick up from the crews going ahead of us.

    Phillip Martin
    Crew Advisor 721-Halibut
    Ketchikan, Alaska

    Gerry H


    Locale: USA Mid-Atlantic

    I just updated my “starter map” on CalTopo to have a more accurate outline for the Ute Park Fire Zone. I down sampled the very detailed data from the PSR GIS data file to help performance on handheld devices.

    I realized this was very important because we were considering going through Hidden Valley between Aspen Springs and Cathedral Rock. My “eyeballed” outline didn’t cover that area, so we thought it would be no problem. PSR makes it very clear that no one is allowed into the Fire Scar. The 2019 Philmont printed map saved us from having to backtrack.

    James A


    Gerry, thank you for your CalTopo map! I used it on our trek this summer by exporting the GPX points and then importing into AllTrails, which I used on my phone. It was great to be able to double check where we were at and our routes.


    Russell Jamerson
    BPL Member


    Hello All – First time posting. I’m taking a Venturing Crew to Philmont late next week (Trek 29 & my 6th trek). I’m trying to figure out the “most up to date/complete” set of GPX coordinates for my Fenix 6 pro watch. I only use the data mainly to generate tracks for review afterwards (google earth, etc. occasionally if seriously confused on my location I might pull up current UTM coordinates for locating ourselves on the map, maybe as a general navigation tool. We rely on map and compass 99% of the time but want o help youth understand the use of GPS devices. I hvae already downloaded from GPSDepot and everything looks great – anything else I should try or be aware of? THX

Viewing 4 posts - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)
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