Day 1: July 9

Late last night, upon realizing that my starting pack weight for this trip would exceed 50 pounds, I decided to keep my ultra comfy camp chair and jettison some food instead.

The great thing about trekking in an area known for its legendary alpine trout fishing, and carrying a very light tenkara rod, is that you have confidence (which is sometimes confused with reliability) of gourmet fish dinners every night.

Confidence is a great way to reduce pack weight.

I dropped my breakfast rations to 5 oz/day (oats/granola with freeze dried berries, nuts, seeds, and Nido), dinner rations (various homemade and packaged meals) to 6 oz/day, and snacks (nut butters, cured bison meat, waffle cookies, cheese, chips, and energy gel) to 11.5 oz/day. This gives me 22.5 oz of food at a caloric density of about 118 Cal/oz, for a total daily ration of about 2,700 Calories.

That’s pretty thin for a 12 day trip at high altitudes with cold weather expected.

So I hope to catch, and eat, many pounds of fish en route.

Stay tuned, we’ll see how it works out.

We hit the trail in about an hour.

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