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Trekking poles have really taken off in recent years both in numbers on the trail and in the variety of options in the market. Since the release of our Lightweight Trekking Poles Review Summary in May 2005, many new models and even a couple of new manufacturers have emerged that are pushing the limits of lightweight performance in trekking poles. This review summary brings together twelve all-carbon and carbon/aluminum hybrid trekking poles, many of which are new to the market in the last year or two.


  • Introduction
  • Poles Reviewed
    • Alpkit Carbonlite
    • Gossamer Gear Lightrek
    • Komperdell C2 Carbon Tour Duolock
    • Komperdell C3 Duolock Women
    • Komperdell C3 Airshock Men
    • Leki Carbon Ergometric
    • Life-Link Guide Ultra-Light (hybrid aluminum/carbon)
    • Life-Link AT Superlight
    • MSR Overland Carbon
    • PacerPole 2-Section (hybrid aluminum/carbon)
    • Titanium Goat
    • Titanium Goat Take-Down
  • Why Use Trekking Poles?
  • When Not to Use Trekking Poles
  • Why Buy Carbon Fiber Poles?
    • Durability: The Case for Carbon
    • The Case against Carbon
    • The Verdict
  • Fixed Length vs. Adjustable Poles
  • Components
    • Grips
    • Tips
  • Brief Specifications for Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles
  • Ratings Chart for Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles Reviewed by Backpacking Light
  • Some Favorites
    • Fixed-Length Poles
    • Collapsible Poles
  • What's Coming Up?
  • Gear Guide: Trekking Poles
  • Gear Guide Selection Criteria - Fixed Length and Adjustable Trekking Poles:
  • Explanation of Review Criteria: Trekking Poles
    • Usable Features / Ease of Use
    • Weight / Swing Weight
    • Lateral Stiffness/Stability
    • Vibration Damping
    • Durability
    • Value
    • Recommendations for Improvement
  • Index of Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles Reviewed by

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