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Dissatisfied with what was commercially available at the time, the author has been working on the design of a lightweight winter canister stove since 2006. (OK, OK, a bit obsessive, but so what?) Several novel features were required of the design, in the interests of versatility, functionality and safety. The features were explained in Part 1; finer technical details about how the features might be implemented were given in Part 2, and the final design was presented in Part 3. A batch of about 110 stoves was made and these were sold to eager beta testers. This article covers the feedback received and the bugs found and resolved.

Were there in fact any real 'bugs' in the stove? Well, no-one was burnt to death, there were no explosions, and as far as I know all the stoves worked. Some got more use than others. But there were little hiccups.

What is clear (to me at least) is that despite spending more than 7 years developing this stove - by a long and very tortuous path mind you, there were still some small improvements which could be made in the design. Nothing major, but improvements nonetheless. Since the stoves were made in small batches of 10 or 20 at a time, the improvements could be put into production as fast as possible - like when the next batch was made. Yes, that does mean the stoves in the final batch are a bit different from those in the first batch. The only feature which might be noticed by the user is the design of the legs and the nut on the burner: we will address those further on.


  • Introduction
  • Helpful Feedback
    • Canister supports, spanners and pot lifters
    • Operation near -30 C
    • Operation with an inverted Caldera Cone
    • Other field tests
  • Not Really Faults
    • The stove skitters around or is unstable
    • Machining Swarf in the jet
    • Dirt in the jet or needle valve
    • The flame is small and blows out when the valve is opened & The flame is rather yellow
    • The tissue filter blocks the flow
    • I have stripped the screws out of the Main Ring
    • How do I connect to a canister with a spigot?
    • How do I undo the big nut on the burner?
    • The pot is a bit unstable
    • Variability in the height of the canister spigot
  • Faults
    • There's a flame at the stove connection (woo!)
    • The filler cord in the hose has jammed and broken
    • Not enough fuel comes out with any canister
    • The stove legs are wobbly
    • The O-rings get really hard at -30 C
  • Conclusion

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