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Beer and outdoor activities seem to go together like salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly and hot chocolate and marshmallows.

After a weekend of backcountry skiing, climbing or backpacking, the tradition of quaffing a delicious pint of beer at a favorite watering hole is an almost mandatory part of trips. A tradition that is part of post-trip rituals such as making the "I'm OK" phone call back home, cleaning and stowing the gear and plotting the next outdoor escape on Monday morning while in the middle of another boring meeting at the office.

Is it any surprise that such outdoor meccas as the Portland area, the cities of Boulder and Ft. Collins in Colorado and Ashville, NC all have thriving craft beer industries as well?

I think not.

Beer and the outdoors. They were meant to go together.

But what if a person could easily enjoy beer in the backcountry without having to schlep in comparatively heavy cans of beer?

An answer is presented: Pat's Backcountry Beverages.

But how practical is the product? How does it taste? And how does it compare to canned craft beer?


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  • The Practical
  • Taste
  • Overall
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