Black Diamond Alpine Start Hoody review

For their first ever attempt, Black diamond created a versatile, durable, and waterproof windshirt that raises the bar for ultralight windshirts.

The Grocery Sack Grows Up: A Genealogy of the Modern Ultralight Backpack

From humble beginnings to the sophisticated and lightweight packs, the ultralight backpack is a tale filled with adaptation and pushing the balance of weight and features.

Concerning the Wilderness Serape

Despite the added weight, a Serape is a versatile piece of backpacking gear that can help manage the sudden weather changes.

Lil’ Bugout Shelter Review

An uncommon design transforms the Lil' Bugout into a weather fortress. And it has plenty of space to keep you cozy as you weather the storms.

Backpackable Wood Stoves: Theory and Ultralight Application

Backpackable wood stoves will add weight to your pack, but they have many benefits, such as, peace of mind, warmth, and the ability to dry wet gear.

MYOG: A flexible frame for ultralight backpacks

Ultralight packs are great for your back, but for strapping outdoor gear onto your pack a frame is nice. Lightweight frames are hard to come by. The solution: make your own.

Paradox Packs Evolution pack system review

While it may be on the heavy side of ultralight, Paradox has worked hard to make each ounce count succeeding in creating a pack that excels at carrying extremely heavy loads.

MYOG: Contoured Side Panels for Improved Load Carry in Frameless Packs

Overpacking is a major issue with frameless packs. Implementing side panels can help distribute your load in a more effective way.

Rab Xenon and Patagonia UL Down Hoody: Comparison and Long-Term Review

New and evolving technologies necessitate a reexamination of the conventional wisdom of down versus synthetic fill insulation.

Midlayer Technology: Patagonia Capilene 4 v. Mountain Hardwear Desna Hoody

This winter, increase the versatility of your other layers by adding a midlayer. An overview of two notable options, and discussion of current fabric tech.

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