Fenix L0D Flashlight soon Available with Brighter Luxeon Rebel LED (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2007)

Sub 1-oz, single AAA battery flashlight with optional 60-lumen output for 1 hour.

GoLite Carbon Fyre Shoes (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2007)

GoLite goes lighter in their shoe line with this shoe built for speed.

Crazy Creek Backpacker Lite AIR Chair SPOTLITE REVIEW

For lightweight backpackers who crave the luxury of a chair (10 oz) plus a REALLY COMFORTABLE torso sleep pad (11 oz) - this is worth a look.

Pacific Outdoor Equipment Uber Mtn Sleeping Pad REVIEW

The best sleeping pad in its class, but only because it has no competition as a sub-13-ounce, 1.5-inch thick self-inflator.

Pacific Outdoor Equipment Uber Lite Sleeping Pad SPOTLITE REVIEW

Lightest self-inflator on the market but the length and shape are not optimal and degrade performance.

Komperdell Featherlight Carbon Trekking Pole REVIEW

Stiff, light, reasonably priced fixed-length pole with contoured grip and wrist strap.

Big Sur Bars Big on Taste

These energy bars are EXACTLY like something your Momma would make.

SuperUltraLight Favorites Gear List 2006

Taking a summer, long weekend backpacking trip carrying only 10 pounds on your back is easy, comfortable, and safe with the right gear. Here’s a list of the Backpacking Light editors' favorite SUL gear.

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Dry Sacks (Production) SPOTLITE REVIEW

The lightest dry sacks, but also the leakiest (compared to lightweight dry sacks from four other companies) when subjected to harsh conditions.

Lightweight Dry Sacks: Comparison Testing Results

The lightest dry sacks from Granite Gear, Outdoor Research, Sea to Summit, Pacific Outdoor Equipment and Cascade Designs (SealLine) subjected to five tough tests - with lots of failures.

Pacific Outdoor Equipment WXtex Pneumo Lightweight Dry Sack SPOTLITE REVIEW

Lightweight dry sack with a twist - purge/inflate valve and welded seams.

Cascade Designs SealLine Storm Sack Dry Sack SPOTLITE REVIEW

Top performing lightweight dry sack with roll top closure and taped seams.

Outdoor Research HydroLite Dry Sack SPOTLITE REVIEW

The lightest dry sack available - almost.

Granite Gear Drysack SPOTLITE REVIEW

Fairly lightweight dry sack with roll top closure and taped seams.

CW-X Sport Support Bra and Firm Support Bra REVIEW

Good looking, quality construction, supportive - and comfortable too?

Backpacking Light Editor, Don Wilson, on the PCT this Summer

Mojave, CA (June 12) to Ashland, OR (August ?) - say Hello!

Water Weight Gain and Drying Characteristics of Lightweight Hiking Shoes after Submersion

How fast do popular lightweight hiking shoes dry after a thorough soaking?

Inov-8 F-Lite 300 Shoes SPOTLITE REVIEW

Very lightweight (300 g, 10.5 oz US men's 9). Are they lightweight backpacking capable?

Jacks ‘R’ Better Biker Quilt SPOTLITE REVIEW

Down quilt that surrounds a top-entry hammock.

Jacks ‘R’ Better JRB Down Sleeves REVIEW

Lightweight, stand-alone down sleeves to pair with a vest or wearable poncho quilt.

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