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Addie's Note: I love end-of-year wrap-ups. The best of, worst of, funniest of - I can't get enough of them! In that spirit, we cast the net a bit wider this year. I am included, for instance, despite not having backpacked since pregnant with my son (he's now five). Maia is included, since she gets out more than I do, and we're both staff any way! We requested favorite gear and a favorite lifestyle item from everyone, and what filtered in was varied. One Aussie chose to highlight his favorite locations rather than gear. One local (we won't mention names, but her initials are "Stephanie Jordan") chose not to write up anything but just list her picks and let your imagination fill in the blanks. We included MAIA, for cryin' out loud!

This isn't an "Editor's Choice" or formal endorsement, just a list of stuff we like.

Enjoy - and don't forget to add your own favorites in the forum below.


  • 2010 Staff Picks of Favorite Gear
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