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Another year has gone by and it is time once again for the Backpacking Light staff to list their favorite gear. This year our picks are all over the board with only one item repeated - the Light My Fire Firesteel. Shelters is a favorite category with eight different shelters listed. Stoves, packs and poles were common choices with three selections each. The most unusual item is from Don Wilson - the venerable and well-loved potato chip in a can - Pringles.


    • 2006 Staff Picks of Favorite Gear
    • Ryan Jordan, Publisher - Bozeman, Montana
    • Carol Crooker, Editor-in-Chief - Phoenix, Arizona
    • Alan Dixon, Senior Technical Editor - Washington, DC.
    • Ken Knight, Production Editor - Ann Arbor, Michigan
    • Roger Caffin, Cooking & Hydration Systems Section Editor - Sydney, Australia
    • Alison Simon, Editorial Assistant - Washington, DC.
    • Rick Dreher, Lighting and Navigation Systems Section Editor - Sacramento, California
    • Jay Ham, Make Your Own Gear Section Editor - Flagstaff, Arizona
    • Doug Johnson, Trekking Systems Section Editor - Redmond, Washington
    • Mike Martin, Sleep Systems Section Editor, ***
    • Will Rietveld, Pack & Shelter Systems Section Editor - Durango, Colorado
    • Andrew Skurka, Ultralight Ambassador - Boulder, Colorado
    • Don Wilson, Clothing Systems Section Editor - Tucson, Arizona

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# PHOTOS: 38

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