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The Yama Mountain Gear 1P Cirriform Min Tarp ($210 in silpoly) is a one-person, 2-trekking pole, side/end-entry full-perimeter tarp shelter. It can be combined with the Yama Mountain Gear 1P Bug Shelter ($165 in silpoly) to create a double wall tent weighing about 23 oz (652 g).

Photo: Yama Mountain Gear

As a double wall tent, the Yama Mountain Gear 1P Cirriform Min Tarp and matching 1P Bug Inner become a viable option for the lightweight backpacker that requires balance in terms of modularity, ease of pitch and weather resistance. Throughout this review I will be referring to this tarp and inner combination as the “Cirriform tent”. I need to clarify here that these two items must be ordered separately from Yama Mountain Gear. The manufacturer also offers a 1P Cirriform DW shelter ($355) that is very similar to the combo featured in this article. However the design of the tarp is slightly different, particularly around the vestibule, which results in an increase in weight of almost 3 oz (85 g) in comparison to the combination described in this review.

Also, Yama offers the 1P Cirriform Min Tarp  in DCF, which results in a reduction of 2.4 oz (68 g) in weight in comparison to the matching silpoly tarp featured in this review.

About this Review

This review of the Yama Mountain Gear 1P Cirriform Min Tarp is based on 7 nights of field use in New England, where my camp was exposed to light rain and light winds. I ordered the long tarp and regular length inner. I did so in different colors, since this made it much easier to pitch the full tent when leaving the inner attached to the outer the previous day by being able to easily distinguish what was the floor and what was the fly.

Features and Specifications

  • Fully enclosed tarp.
  • Options to purchase in 20d Silpoly and DCF, with two different vestibule arrangements in silpoly.
  • Both head and side entry options standard.
  • Optional bug netting to convert tarp to double wall tent.
  • 1P Bug Shelter can also be pitched on its own, separate from the tarp.
  • Tarp weighs 10.9 oz (309 g) in regular length and 11.2 oz (318 g) in long size.
  • 1P Bug Shelter is 9.6 oz (273 g) in regular length and 9.9 oz (281 g) in long size.
  • Weight competitive with Dyneema shelters at a significantly lower price.
  • Pitched with trekking poles or tent poles (the latter available from Yama).
  • Easy to pitch, with 6 to 8 stakes. 9 may be needed when setting the head pole outside the shelter.
  • Magnetic door closures.
  • Corner stiffeners in the bathtub floor.
  • Two generous pockets on the head end door of the 1P Bug Shelter.
  • 1P Bug Shelter features a solid fabric foot end.
Yama Mountain Gear 1P Cirriform Tarp & 1P Bug Shelter, with a wide pad inside.

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