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This was the first Wilderness Trekking II course offered by BackpackingLight, advertised as a primer for thru-hikers with world class instructors Andrew Skurka and Glen Van Peski. The class was treated to an amazing trek the length of the Wind River Range in Wyoming, crisscrossing the continental divide several times over high mountain passes. Travel was both on and off trail, traversing glaciers, late summer snow packs, and talus. As a final treat, we crossed Texas Pass to view the Cirque of Towers and climbed Wind River Peak. Every member of the class will treasure their memories of that singular experience, for, as one friend commented after seeing pictures of the trip, "It makes everything else a little bland."


  • Twelve Days in the Wind River Region
  • Pre-Course Activities
  • The First Half
  • The Resupply (aka the "Switcheroo")
  • The Second Half
  • The Finale
  • Back to the Front Country... and Sidewalks... and Grocery Stores... and CHEESEBURGERS
  • Debriefing, Showering, and Gathering for a Last Supper

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