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Bear canisters are heavy and bulky. Hanging bear bags can be complicated and require both time and more advanced skills. Ursacks are light, simple, and effective for securing your food in the backcountry and protecting it from bears and other animals.

Using an Ursack properly requires an understanding of its design, limitations, proper use cases, and best practices. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Ursack design and model comparison
  • Strengths and limitations of Ursacks
  • Use cases for Ursacks vs. other backcountry food storage practices
  • Ursack land management agency certifications and caveats
  • Methods for securing Ursacks effectively
  • Containing food odors in Ursacks
  • Ursack food packaging strategies

Course Curriculum

Module 1

Using an Ursack: Techniques and Supplies for Packing, Using, and Securing an Ursack