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“The information I glean from Backpacking Light was something I knew I would never want to be without. The Unlimited Membership was very cost-effective…” – Tad E. (Issaquah, Washington)

Unrestricted Forum Privileges

Backpacking Light hosts the largest membership-based lightweight backpacking community in the world – more than 20,000 members participate in 40+ different forums, and have created more than 150,000 forum threads with more than 1.4 million forum posts!

By themselves, the forums are worth their weight in gold to backpackers conducting research about gear, DIY, techniques, trips, and more.

One user compared the forum to “Ask Siri” – post a question and you’ll get an answer quickly (in fact, you’ll get many answers from many different users!).

Our members are characterized by their helpfulness, friendliness, and incredible diversity of experience.

In addition, our forums are moderated by passionate members of our community. We strive to create a helpful, safe, and information-rich community of sharing free of verbal abuse, bullying, trolling, and shaming.

“I have been a member for a long time (I bought my first lightweight quilt from the old Backpacking Light Gear Shop). Due to increasing age, osteoporosis and arthritis, I have had to lighten my pack if I want to keep bushwalking. I feel that Backpacking Light has allowed me to walk for more years than would have been possible with my chunky old gear. I have a fondness for many of the [regular contributors], and I feel that there is a real sense of community here.” – Chris Q. (Townsville, Queensland, Australia)

Access to 20+ Years of Archives

Over the past 20+ years, Backpacking Light has published 2,500+ articles and videos – more than 4.5 million words of content including:

  • Gear reviews, gear lists, gear guides, and state of the market reports.
  • Lightweight backpacking techniques ranging from quick tips to comprehensive skill development.
  • News, opinions, and commentary about industry trends and current events.
  • Trip and expedition reports, including live expedition blogs, photo essays, field notes, and trip movies.
  • Interviews with influential personalities about their expeditions, manufacturing companies, and other experiences of interest to the backpacking community.
  • Equipment performance tests that challenge manufacturer claims, identify product limitations and allow us to learn about product performance in controlled laboratory and field environments.
  • Technology reports that present in-depth analyses of how gear works, design considerations, and engineering performance.
  • Make-your-own-gear (DIY) techniques and projects for modifying your existing gear to making your own ultralight stuff sacks, ultralight sleeping quilts, ultralight tents, high-performance stoves, and more.

We recently started the process of curating every piece of content we’ve ever published – and will be consolidating the content into highly useful and well-organized topical guides.

In addition, we are currently developing a custom, powerful, and fast search engine that will allow you to find exactly the content you want based on faceted search criteria: date, author, categories, topics, tags, content type, forums, and more!

“I love the in-depth product reviews and data.” – Francis T. (San Francisco, California)

GearJunkie recognized founder Ryan Jordan as one of the most influential Outdoor Ambassadors of the past 100 years for “changing the way we look at outdoor gear.”

Early Enrollment Privileges

Whether it’s a Wilderness Adventures Trek, a Film Festival, or other live or online event, Unlimited Members will always get the opportunity to enroll early, before programs fill up or tickets sell out.

Trek and Event Discounts

Unlimited Members get the highest discounts, and we won’t offer them to anyone else.

For example, Unlimited Members who enrolled early in one of our 2018 Wilderness Adventures Treks received a $100 off trek discount! Many Unlimited Members took advantage of the same discount to bring a friend or family member on a trek, so the savings can really add up!

“I would highly recommend a trek with Backpacking Light based upon the experience my wife (first-time backpacking trip) and I had on a Wilderness Adventures Trek on the Beartooth Plateau – simply awesome in every way!” – Gary P. (Franklin, Tennessee)

Plus: Unlimited Members Get Free Access to all Skills, Tech, and Gear Webinars – Masterclasses – and online courses.

In addition, we offer live and recorded webinars (< 2 hours), masterclasses (> 2-9 hours), and online courses (> 8 hours) – including our signature online course Ultralight Backpacking Boot Camp. In our education programs, we teach in-depth about lightweight backpacking skills, gear, and technology, and if you attend a live program, we answer member questions (no cheesy sales pitches, only valuable education!).

“Argh…I should have watched the webinar!”

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As we continue to add additional benefits for Unlimited Members, you will always renew at the price you additionally paid. Our Unlimited Members who joined back when the price was $47/year still enjoy that renewal rate today, and forever into the future!

Why Unlimited? Is it for me?

This is a great question, and you should consider this opportunity carefully, and with intention – because simply put, it’s not for everybody.

The last thing I want to do as a business owner is to sell you something you don’t need, or want.

If the main thing you want out of Backpacking Light is to read and post in the forums or use the Gear Swap, then a $7/year Basic Membership will suit you just fine. That also gives you access to quite a lot of free content.

If you want access to all content in our archives, for the purpose of researching gear or another topic more deeply, learning new skills, or otherwise having access to all new content that is published, then a $27/year Premium Membership will allow you to accomplish that.

But if you want access to everything available at Backpacking Light – our print book and magazine archive, our online courses, early enrollment discounts and privileges, Unlimited Members-only emails, the Ultralight Backpacking Skills live webinar series, and everything else we plan to add to Unlimited Memberships in the future, then you might consider an Unlimited Membership.

Unlimited Membership might be for you if:

  • You want to hike more with more enjoyment but just can’t figure it out. Unlimited Membership immerses you into everything we have to offer and gives you access to the largest single body of information and education about lightweight backpacking gear, skills, and philosophy found anywhere online.
  • Backpacking is your passion, but you can’t find the right community or body of information. Unlimited Membership keeps you engaged, fueling your passion and constantly feeding you. Unlimited Members tend to range from enthusiasts who can’t get enough time outside to professional expedition travelers pushing the limits of ultralight wilderness travel all over the world.
  • You want to become an expert because you have big plans. An Unlimited Membership gives you access to everything you need to connect to an experienced community, learn from other experts, and grow in the knowledge required for you to take on your dream backpacking vacation, or an extreme expedition of your own.
  • You want to learn, so you can share. An Unlimited Membership gives you the ideas, tools, knowledge, information, and education you need to you can develop your own presentations, courses, and seminars that you can use to teach others about a more comfortable, safer, and more enjoyable way to travel the backcountry.

If this describes you, then great. Unlimited Membership may provide value for you.

“Backpacking Light membership has provided many insights into technique, gear and attitude toward hiking and adventuring that have helped me plan longer and more ambitious trips.” – Phillip D. (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Will my pack weight go down?

I certainly can’t force you to make the decisions that will lead to a lighter pack, but there’s some strong anecdotal evidence that points to a lighter pack in your future if you become an Unlimited Member!

We recently conducted a survey with more than 2,000 respondents and asked them about their pack weights before and after studying and practicing the lightweight backpacking philosophies and skills that we promote at Backpacking Light.

Here’s what we learned:

  • Most backpackers carry about 40 pounds (on average) for a 3-day / 2-night backpacking trek during “three-season” conditions. Some carried more than 60 pounds.
  • Backpacking Light Members carried an average pack weighing 23 pounds for this scenario.
  • Our Unlimited Members came in the lightest, with pack weights averaging only 20.8 pounds.

These weights include food, fuel, and water! So if you remove consumables, imagine a base pack weight of only 12 or so pounds – containing everything you need to be warm, dry, and comfortable for a weekend of backpacking, even in inclement weather conditions.

AND – you can’t argue with the results of our recent happiness survey, either! Check this out:


“I will be doing my first long-distance hike of 15 days on the Long Trail in Vermont. Member feedback, product news, and experiences from the Backpacking Light community have helped me slash my pack weight by around 40%.” – Nathan L. (Northfield, Vermont)

What Other Unlimited Members Say

Thousands of backpackers have enjoyed the fruits of Unlimited Membership at Backpacking Light through the years. So whether you’re with us for a year or two, or you become a lifelong devotee of all things Backpacking Light, we’d love to have you join our community.

Here’s what some of our other Unlimited Members have to say when we asked them: “How has being a Backpacking Light Unlimited Member contributed to your experience/journey?”

  • “Backpacking Light is my go-to source for information to help me cut weight from my pack and improve my skills.” – Jean S. (Warner Robins, Georgia)
  • “It’s helped significantly reduce my pack weight, improve my experience outdoors, and enable me to share my experiences with my young son. Having shed the weight while still being safe enabled me to carry some additional weight so my son could join me at a very young age all the while not compromising our safety, experience, or fun together.” – Christopher W. (West Chester, Pennsylvania)
  • “Eight years ago, at age 63, I wanted to start backpacking. I read your site for several months, was convinced, and am still enjoying the clothing and equipment I purchased based on your recommendations.  My husband thought it was all silly until day three on our first trip when he started discarding everything possible from his pack. Your approach also makes car camping and day hikes much more simple and enjoyable. Thank you.” – Alice K. (Fresno, California)
Read more testimonials More

  • “Less materialistic, more mindful, and more grateful approach to life in the front and backcountry.” – Joseph (Elon, North Carolina).
  • “The information I glean from Backpacking Light was something I knew I would never want to be without. The Unlimited Membership was very cost effective…” – Tad E. (Issaquah, Washington).
  • “Keeps my eyes and mind open to minimalism while enforcing the safety standard I grew up with – but at a lighter weight.” – Geoffrey S. (Denver, Colorado).
  • “My pack is a little lighter and my garage and shed are spic-and-span cleaner. Got rid of a lot of extra stuff, and have been hiking more.” – Frank R. (Rosemount, Minnesota)
  • “Backpacking Light membership has provided many insights into technique, gear and attitude toward hiking and adventuring that have helped me plan longer and more ambitious trips.” – Phillip D. (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
  • “I’m a gear nerd and can obsess over new gear and even small ideas. More important to me is I enjoy the shared experience and getting to enjoy the trips others have taken. People with like minds, looking for and sharing experiences in an environment not poisoned by politics.” – Edward N. (Emerald Isle, North Carolina).
  • “I’ve greatly benefited from my membership and have done everything I can to spread awareness of lightweight backpacking techniques in my community.” – Stephen H. (Campbell, California).
  • “It’s given me unfettered access to some of the brightest minds in backpacking. I’m twice the backpacker with half the stuff I’d be without BPL.” – David W. (Nashville, Tennessee)
  • “It has lightened my load in all aspects of my life – what I wear daily, what I travel with, what I sail with, what I keep in my car, what I keep in my closets/garage (LESS volume/weight), what I have ready for emergency/disaster preparedness, what I car-camp with, what I motorcycle-camp with.  And last but not least, what I take backpacking in order to move faster and more safely, while reducing stress on my shoulders, spine, hips, knees and feet!” – Terence J. (San Diego, California)
  • “Love the site for ideas and things I can use in my own system. Has helped me to think outside the box and given me ideas for future adventures.” – Jason S. (Unanderra, New South Wales, Australia)
  • “[Backpacking Light has] helped me to lighten my pack, [and] research gear / trips. [It’s an] Invaluable resource.” Jennifer M. (Santa Barbara, California)
  • “Lower pack weight, higher level of confidence planning treks with various team configurations (scouts and adults with varying degree of skills and comfort thresholds), ability to provide resources and third-party experiences to scout audience, ability to receive unbiased product reviews and recommendations.” – Dave F. (Westfield, Massachussets)
  • “Access to the full depth of [Backpacking Light] content has been great. Before I became a member I was frustrated a lot.” – Rob B. (Queen Creek, Arizona)
  • “Great education and advice.  Responsive and friendly forums.” – Don H. (Glen Carbon, Illinois)
  • “As an Unlimited Member I have been able to access excellent information on techniques … and reviews that helped me think about what was possible and desirable as I transitioned from a heavy to a light kit, both by purchases and make-your-own-gear projects.” – Kenneth C. (Kirksville, Missouri)
  • “The stories are extremely motivating and get me excited for my hiking adventures. I have traveled to over 30 countries over the world and hiked in jungles and mountains everywhere. The member documentaries bring out memories and create new dreams of the outdoors.” – Mark B. (Seattle, Washington)
  • “I will be doing my first long distance hike of 15 days on the Long Trail in Vermont. Member feedback, product news, and experiences from the Backpacking Light community have helped me slash my pack weight by around 40%.” – Nathan L. (Northfield, Vermont)
  • “Validation & Learning from others – finding a like-minded community.” – Tony R. (San Diego, California)
  • “Keeps me connected to current ultralight ideas.” – Grampa Kilt (Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada)
  • “I have become very much aware of the importance of reducing weight without sacrificing security and comfort. Have improved the ability to hike further and more remote, often solo. I think I was among the first ones in Norway to use packrafts in remote areas.” – Kurt N. (Oslo, Norway)
  • “Since joining Backpacking Light I think about things a lot differently. When I started I carried everything including the kitchen sink. I think I had an epiphany moment when I read, somewhere on Backpacking Light, ‘you don’t need a backup for your backup’ – that one simple phrase described me to a tee. I now look for, and find, enjoyment through simplicity. I still have too much stuff, as you know its a process, but I am certainly moving in the right direction.” – Kevin K. (Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada)
  • “Unbiased in-depth reviews have been very useful when purchasing gear.” – Thomas S. (Pittsboro, North Carolina)
  • “I am a Pacific Crest Trail thru-hiker and regular off-track expeditioner in Australia. I use ultralight gear and techniques to keep my gear light and functional. Backpacking Light is my primary source of ultralight gear information.” – Geoffrey H. (Hunters Hill, New South Wales, Australia)
  • “I have been a member for a long time (I bought my first lightweight quilt from the old Backpacking Light Gear Shop). Due to increasing age, osteoporosis and arthritis, I have had to lighten my pack if I want to keep bushwalking. I feel that Backpacking Light has allowed me to walk for more years than would have been possible with my chunky old gear. I have a fondness for many of the [regular contributors], and I feel that there is a real sense of community there.” – Chris Q. (Townsville, Queensland, Australia)
  • “Completely changed the kind of gear I carry. Altered my thinking in how I choose gear. Allowed me to weigh pros and cons of being lightweight.” – Jerome H. (Fremont, California)
  • “Gear reviews and comments are vital to stay on top of new trends and items.” – Randy S. (Columbia Falls, Montana)
  • “Just continue what you’re doing. Your knowledge base and body of work is amazing. At age 73 now, proud to be an Unlimited Member!” – Robert L. (Hayward, California)
  • “I have a busy full-time job, so I can only do about one week long trip a year. But through backpacking light and the reviews, trip reports, updates, etc. I get to spend a little time thinking about backpacking every week. I appreciate all of the techniques and cottage manufacturers that you’ve introduced me to through the years.” – Rich (Glen Mills, Pennsylvania)
  • “Exposes me to new technology. I’ve been hiking light and long distance for 40+ years so the ethos is there and I really enjoy the exposures to new stuff and ideas.” – Ken W. (Seattle, Washington)
  • “The community here is excellent.” – Brian S. (Anchorage, Alaska)
  • “Great community of ultralight backpackers sharing technology, techniques, equipment reviews, cooking/food trends and philosophy.” – Viktor K. (Livermore, California)
  • “Gear reviews of lightweight equipment from people who get ultralight backpacking.” – Penny V (Williamsburg, Virginia)
  • “[We are] new members, but so far the content has been very valuable and has helped us plan for changes in methods for taking groups of young people into the wilderness. I know these changes … will have a great impact.” – Brent and Jennifer B. (Winnabow, North Carolina)
  • “It is helping me hike lighter, which is a big problem for “aging” mountain hunters.” – Shawn H. (Juneau, Alaska)
  • “… a tremendously open and experienced community where I learned about the deliberate practice required to be an ultralight backpacker. This intentionality has spread to many more aspects of my life and continues to challenge me to make the best choices possible at all times.” – Francis D. (Newton Square, Pennsylvania)
  • “Improved my gear knowledge and choices; improved my knowledge and application of outdoor skill and practices; improved my knowledge of and appreciated for trips and destinations.” – Sarah D. (Mountain View, California)
  • “It has helped me be more mindful of what I carry and why. It has helped to show me that you do not need much to have fun and be safe backpacking.” – Cody (Bemidji, Minnesota)
  • “I learned a lot of techniques and about lightweight gear…” – Kevin S. (Alamo, California)
  • “Have reduced pack weight on a constant basis because of product reviews. Have also increased skills on the trail. At 72 I am still going strong.” – Dennis F. (Paradise Valley, Arizona)
  • “Getting access to all the great ideas has heightened my backpacking experience (and lightened my pack)!” – Terry F. (Huntingburg, Indiana)
  • “Backpacking Light has greatly helped me lighten my pack which is a plus as I get older with bad knees, back, etc taking their toll. I am a Scout leader and get great tips on instructing the Scouts for Philmont and other backpacking trips. Lastly it’s inspired me to minimize my footprint in life.” – Kurt O. (St. Louis, Missouri)
  • “Backpacking Light opened my eyes to the world of simplicity and traveling in the outdoors in a minimal style many years ago. It has contributed significantly to my enjoyment of the outdoors – and continues to do so today.” – Damien T. (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
  • “Good reading that allows consideration of others experiences in similar circumstances. We were backcountry for 10 days in the Beartooths in early September. We enjoyed reading about Backpacking Light Wilderness Adventures Guides covering some of the same ground.” – Mike T. (Rush, New York)
  • “Made my lifelong affinity for mountains and wilderness even stronger.  Of course, backpacking gear, techniques, etc., due to BPL, improved, but finding a like minded community is clearly the most attractive BPL feature.” – Jim F. (Pasadena, California)
  • “Backpacking Light has been a truly wonderful experience for me. I have enjoyed the contacts I’ve made, and have learned so much that has kept me on the trail. And, I’ve been able to pass on what experience I’ve acquired over the years. It’s a nice *family* to be a part of.” – Denis H. (Petaluma, California)
  • “Solid in depth information about leading edge backpacking gear and techniques.” – Ron H. (Austin, Texas)
  • “It has given me so many ideas for lightening my load, packing smarter, and tackling longer trips.” – Sharon M. (Long Beach, California)
  • “Able to thru hike the John Muir Trail at age 62 with a group of 20-somethings!” – Tom H. (Elkins, Arkansas)
  • “I have been able to go places and do things I normally would have not been able to do, considering my physical handicaps.” – Steve M. (Tucson, Arizona)
  • “It has most obviously assisted me in making purchasing decisions for the gear I need for my own style of backpacking. I don’t just mean the reviews (though obviously very helpful), but the articles, the trip reports, etc. that reveal little tidbits of information (even indirectly) that relate to the overall value and depth of information I can get from being a member.” – Rod S. (Macon, Georgia)
  • “The reviews are great and the forums are extremely useful in learning about how gear items (tents, packs, pads, etc.) actually function. Members here tend to be knowledgeable and don’t have an ax to grind.” – James M. (Eugene, Oregon)
  • “Constant access to everything I want on the site has helped in too many ways to fit into a small survey. Glad I made the purchase.” – Adam K. (Boulder, Colorado)
  • “My pack has gotten a lot lighter! I also learned how to make some great MYOG projects that I value more than anything I can buy.” – Zach V. (Bend, Oregon)
  • “It keeps me in contact with backpackers on the other side of the globe.” – David K. (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  • “Reliable resource for lightweight and quality gear advice.” – Chuck S. (Yellow Grass, Saskatoon, Canada)
  • “I love the in-depth product reviews and data.” – Francis T. (San Francisco, California)
  • “Helped to start overnighters again, after quitting years ago due to too heavy loads.” – K. Urs G. (Guemligen-Berne, Switzerland)
  • “Access on hand to a wealth of information from very experienced hikers. I have gone from carrying a 50 lb base weight to 12-15 lb. Learned a lot of skills. Determined I like hiking not camping.” – Mick B. (Gippsland, Victoria, Australia)
  • “It is so much easier to get out with light and efficient gear, as well as more information and skills. I feel more inspired (and better equipped), when I read the gear reviews and people’s stories of their experiences.” – Julie B. (Incline Village, Nevada)
  • “Gear reviews are very helpful. Reading your adventures inspires me.” – Daniel R. (Panama City, Florida)
  • “Keeps the principles simplicity and light packing foremost in my trip planning, multi-use items, and I also enjoy the DIY gear forums.” – Dennis W. (Berrien Springs, Michigan)
  • “It has given me the insight on how to travel light which has carried over to enabling me to complete my Triple Crown. By also traveling lighter I hope to experience many more backpacking adventures as I look towards retirement. I also look forward to taking a Backpacking Light trip in the next few years.” – Dan K. (Ames, Iowa)
  • “I definitely feel like a part of a special community; a group of people who are more than backpackers who went light, we’re evangelists who recognize the need to keep the word spreading.” – Tom P. (Hansville, Washington)
  • “BPL has been an awesome resource for everything backpacking related. It has helped me refine my gear list and I have shedded about 7 Lb from my base weight. It has given me confidence to do longer treks. I am signed up to a Sept trek with BPL. It’s gonna be awesome!” – Marcello A. (Chester Springs, Pennsylvania)

Membership Saves You Time, Money, and Heartache

Save Time

An Unlimited Membership offers everything you need to perform gear research, study and learn new skills, connect with other lightweight backpackers, read adventure stories, and more in one place.

One of Backpacking Light’s greatest benefits is that we’ve been doing this for 20+ years and have amassed the internet’s largest body of information created by a broad community of forum members, writers, and hikers.

One member told me that the Backpacking Light Forums are like “ask Siri” – ask a question on the forums and you’ll have plenty of helpful and thoughtful opinions in short order.

We’re constantly developing search and curation technologies that will further make your research and learning more efficient and a lot more fun!

Save Money

I’ve wasted incredible sums of money on the wrong gear through the years.

Why did I buy the wrong gear?

I think the main reason is that you really can’t trust the marketing claims of manufacturers. They are in it to sell gear at volume, not match the right gear to the right hiker. So you think you’re getting one thing, but you’re actually getting something else that’s not a good fit.

There are other reasons as well:

  • The market is completely saturated. Innovation, performance, and ultralight quality and durability still remain buried in a sea of choices. How to sort it all out?
  • Ultralight has become a sales buzzword. Is it really? At Backpacking Light, we focus not only on weight, but on the performance-to-weight ratio of products.
  • I didn’t have access to a resource like Backpacking Light – where I could connect with others about their experience and research gear options before I purchased something.

This was one of the original motivations for me to start Backpacking Light – I didn’t want others to go through what I went through.

You know the routine:

  1. Go into your local outdoor shop or internet search engine and let them know, “I’m looking for a lighter pack.”
  2. Buy the pack.
  3. Use the pack.
  4. The pack doesn’t meet your expectations.
  5. Store the pack in a closet.
  6. Go back to #1.

Consider this routine not only for your backpack, but for your tent, sleeping bag, rain jacket, stove, knife, shoes, trekking poles …

… and you can see how much of a time and money sink this process can be.

Personally, I’d rather spend my money on experiences, travel, and really awesome hikes – not on gear that doesn’t work for me. 

By applying the principles and techniques of ultralight backpacking, Scouts and their leaders who have been members of Backpacking Light have planned some incredibly ambitious expeditions – like this one, where a group of 14-17 year old Scouts completed a 105-mile, 13-day packrafting expedition through Montana’s Bob Marshall Wilderness complex – without resupply!

Avoid Heartache

By the time you’ve invested gobs of time and money to amass the gear that may (or may not) work and are actually out on the trail, you still have to consider the art of using ultralight gear.

Many ultralight backpackers starting out because they don’t understand the limitations of ultralight gear. Whether it’s an alcohol stove, a pack made with wispy fabrics, or a new type of clothing layering system that saves weight but may require a little more thought when the weather turns south.

That’s why Backpacking Light is as much about helping you develop skills as it is about helping you select the right gear.

We spend a lot of time helping you identify the gear that doesn’t work for you. In addition, we want to help you identify the limitations of ultralight gear, and teach you the skills required to get the most performance out of the least amount of weight without sacrificing comfort and safety.

“It has most obviously assisted me in making purchasing decisions for the gear I need for my own style of backpacking. I don’t just mean the reviews (though obviously very helpful), but the articles, the trip reports, etc. that reveal little tidbits of information (even indirectly) that relate to the overall value and depth of information I can get from being a member.” – Rod S. (Macon, Georgia)

Will an Unlimited Membership Help You Get Where You Want to Go?

Maybe you’re planning a thru-hike.

Maybe you’re retired and now have more time to explore the wilds.

Maybe you have a young family that you’d like to introduce to the outdoors.

Maybe you’re planning your next backpacking vacation. (Or, maybe you’ve been invited by a friend to go with them on their backpacking vacation!)

Maybe you’ve been carrying a too-heavy pack that has been the source of too much pain, fatigue, injury, and frustration.

Maybe you’re a Scout leader and have been tasked with mentoring young people (and their parents) about the benefits of ultralight techniques and gear.

Regardless, I’m confident that Backpacking Light will be a valuable resource for you.

Let Me Assume the Risk For You: 100% Money-Back Guarantee

There no risk here. If you join as an Unlimited Member and then decide later that “this isn’t for me” then drop us a note with a refund request. No hard feelings, no questions asked – you’ll get your money back.

Is Now the Right Time for You To Become an Unlimited Member?

If you want to sit back in the shadows a bit and watch us continue to build our Unlimited Membership offering, that’s OK by me. I understand that not everyone is ready or able to pull the trigger right away. Take your time.

But if you’re ready to dive in, lock in today’s pricing before our next price increase, and start the process of building your knowledge, learning from experts (and becoming one yourself), and connecting with people like you who are trying to figure out the same things, then maybe today’s the day:

Join Backpacking Light as an Unlimited Member today!

Become an Unlimited Member Today

We’ve devoted our entire adult lives to helping hikers lighten up so they can enjoy the backcountry more. You have our personal guarantee that will increase your passion for the outdoors, as it’s been doing so for thousands of hikers across the world for the past 17 years!


Ryan and Stephanie Jordan Owners / Founders