Everything comes in cycles, and means for water treatment are no exception. We have had chemicals and pumped filters and UV, each of which had problems. Sawyer introduced a filter system which, while it needed pressure, did not need pumping. Most of their systems handled bacteria and protozoa, but not viruses. RapidPure have introduced a new filter system which they claim requires only one tenth of the pressure while handling viruses, bacteria, protozoa and anything larger, to an efficiency often seriously exceeding the EPA requirements. 


  • Introduction and Background
  • RapidPure
    • Flow Rate and Pressure
    • Filter Elements
      • Filter A
      • Filters B & C
      • Filters G & F
      • Filter D
      • Filter E
      • Filters H & I
      • Filter J
      • White and Grey filters
    • Filter 'Systems': Bottle and Bag
    • Performance Testing
      • The Test Water
      • Measurements
      • Sawyer
      • RapidPure
    • Summary

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