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This Platypus GravityWorks review will show how this water filtration system provides the backcountry hiker with a reliable and convenient means of filtering water while on the trail. Additionally, this system is available in two versions: The 4.0L (135 oz.) and the 2.0L (68 oz.) models which provide options for filtering water into a clean water reservoir bag or directly into bottles. Also, the gravity fed system offers a quick and effortless approach to filtering large amounts of water while leaving the user hands-free to work on other essential camp chores.

Platypus 4.0L Stock Photo


  • 8 liter¬†(135 oz.) total water capacity (perfect for groups or water storage on those longs dry hauls)
  • Dirty zip-lock style bag -Easy to fill by dipping the bag into water or using a cup to fill it from smaller sources -Hanging strap with buckle -Quick disconnect tube attachment
  • In-line gravity water filter -Fast hands-free operation -Easily backflush the microfilter for maintenance in the field
  • Clean reservoir bag -Hanging strap with buckle -Screw on hose adaptor for secure seal -Hose shut-off clamp for storing and dispensing water at leisure
  • Storage sack
  • Options for using other Platypus products to create a system just right for you
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