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Wow, what a day! We struck gold right away on our first day visits. Never underestimate people's creativity and innovation! That's what the industry is all about - constantly developing new and improved products, staying ahead of the competition, and filling in every niche. And the beneficiaries are us! Actually, it's a fair trade, we get better gear and they get our money.

Okay, no more horsing around. Here is our daily blog on the interesting gear we found today.


  • Overview
  • Patagonia Develops the Lightest Down Jacket in the World
  • Featuring Carbon ION poles with AirLock connectors, the Easton Mountain Products Kilo Tent weighs Less Than 1 Kilogram
  • New Granite Gear Nimbus Trace 62 is a Super Comfortable Load Hauler
  • Pentax Introduces the 11th Generation Optio W90
  • Cascade Designs Rolls Out a Passel of New Gear
  • Outdoor Research Bug Net Cap
  • GoLite Terrono 70 and 90 L Backpacks are Lightweight Freight Haulers
  • GoLite Malpais Jacket Featuring Three-Layer Pertex Shield Fabric is Lightweight Gold!
  • Innovative Klymit Inertia X-Frame Inflatable Sleeping Pad is Full-Length and Weighs Just 9.1 Ounces - More Lightweight Gold!
  • Sea To Summit Sleeping Bags??
  • SteriPEN Adventurer Opti Adds Features and Cuts the Weight Down to 3.5 Ounces

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