MontBell is a Japanese company with a subsidiary in America, and websites for each. At the time this review was being prepared they were having some problems with hackers on both websites, so it was hard to get all the data. Apart from that, the company has a fairly good reputation for being somewhat innovative in their designs, and these Versalite packs reflect that. The harness design on both packs is good and quite robust and comfortable, while the fabrics used on the rest of the pack are very light - silnylon even! The seams are double sewn for strength - a single line of stitching would simply not be enough with silnylon, of course. There seems overall to be a fine attention to detail. I don't think I would want to take one of these packs through heavy Australian scrub for fear of damage - although my silnylon poncho manages to cope in the wet. The base of the pack looks like 210 denier packcloth or maybe a little lighter, while the sides seem to be 70 denier nylon. The two packs share the same harness system: they call it a 'Super Wishbone' design.


  • MontBell Versalite 50 Pack
  • MontBell Versalite 50 Short Pack

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