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Most of us lighten our packs for one reason - we want to change the way we hike. Maybe we want to go faster or farther, or maybe we just don't want to work as hard. The fact remains that we lighten our packs because we were not completely satisfied with the way our trips have gone in the past. Something had to change.

This is all well and good - the itch to switch motivates all sorts of positive developments. Every time I hike I return aware of deficiencies in my kit, and begin formulating shiny new ideas to correct them and save weight. Many of us find this process of incremental innovation compelling, at least to a point. Tweaking our gearlists and stitching and bending to create our own designs is a way to learn something new and capture a glimpse of the sense of discovery that the wilderness brings.


  • Introduction
  • Setting the scene
  • Gear Notes
    • Shelter
    • Packing
    • Cook Kit
    • Footwear
    • Clothing
    • Miscellaneous Gear Notes
  • Acknowledgements

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