Used a traditional high loft down bag for years. Some hiking friends (female) recommended this product.  I was a little skeptical trying some thing new.

Got a Custom Quilt with a higher  goose down fill, 950, and tried it out in a  cool-cold Rocky Mountain (Colorado) summer camping trip and really like it. Because my pad is Wide, I had to purchase some Wide straps. It shakes off easily to clean and is super light to carry. When not camping, I open it all the way up and put it also on my bed at home. I would recommend a very high D for outside Quilt like a 10D or 20D. I went with a 7 D and find it light but “sticky”.

I also took it camping in a summer  Texas  trip. It performed very well too. Very light to carry but warm.

Quilt matches my custom EE Torrid pull over.