I got Raynaud’s, a nasty condition where my fingers get bone white and utterly useless when cold. Even reaching into a store cooler can trigger this. I hate it. I am ALWAYS looking for hand wear.I even purchased some battery -powered for heat, very expensive gloves ¬†years ago to try and mitigate the condition. ¬†Went to doc too. Ya da ya da…..

So, I bought the EE Torrid Apex Mitts, matching my Torrid pull over.  Hoping the mitts would help this horrid condition.

Well, they do not work well. OK, OK maybe me. But I find these really slippery, clumsy and hard to use. Shoot, I have to take one off to do anything!  Really silly, stupid even.

I ditched them after two tries. They are not for me.  Expensive too.