Had a Helios Chair Zero for many years. There are good and bad. I happen to really like mine and has held up very well; but you must consider carefully:


Light, small; easy to assemble; clever design

Comes with nifty carrying bag with handle; easy to store.

Makes a small package when disassembled; can hang in closet.

fits a smaller seat

Able to fit horizontal in pack

Makes any trip comfortable; rest back

small enough to put into tent

makes more “formal” camp

you will stay much cleaner eating

Easily folds and very portable

Newer designs even lighter

Better on grass; good for outdoor concerts


NOT for wide behinds, those with bad knees, bad balance,  heavy, or very tall;

low to ground;

Poles are shock-corded requiring care and proper insertion

Can get stuck or sinks in substrate

legs arranged I straight in front of you. May not be  a comfy position

Not best Customer Service

Very expensive

Ya still have to carry; this may be your one luxury item