Lowe Alpine was started by some American climbers: Jeff, Mike and Greg Lowe in 1967, but it has since been bought by the Italian boot company Asolo, and migrated to Nervesa della Battaglia, Treviso in Italy. Production has (as might be expected) migrated to China. The packs tested come from their Hyperlite range: in this case Hyperlite means Dyneema. That's a very tough fabric. Interestingly, the instructions which come with the packs do explain the different styles of packing: mass high for endurance when walking but mass low for stability when climbing.

A brief note about Men's and Women's packs. Lowe Alpine make both in many models. If the model name has ND in it then it is a Women's model; otherwise it is a Men's model.


  • Lowe Alpine Nanon 50:60 Pack
  • Lowe Alpine Zepton ND50 Pack

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