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Up to this point we have covered the knowledge base of principles and techniques you need to know to keep your feet dry and warm, identified the components of a lightweight footwear system, and discussed some of the best options available. Now we put it all together to identify and discuss specific lightweight systems for specific situations.

Everyone definitely has their own preferences and needs when it comes to gear. There are distinct differences among people in the pace they hike and the amount of insulation they require to stay warm. And there is a wide array of snow hiking and snowshoeing conditions in different regions of the US, and the world. Herein we present some model lightweight footwear systems that will:

  • Keep feet dry and warm in active snow pursuits
  • Minimize weight on the feet
  • Interface well with footwear for snow camping


  • Overview
  • Introduction to Part 3
  • Lightweight Footwear Systems for Snowshoeing, Snow Hiking, and Snow Camping
  • Snow Travel Situations
    • Warm Temperature Scenario
    • Cold Temperature Scenario
    • Frigid Temperature Scenario
  • Lightweight Footwear Systems for Snow Hiking
  • Lightweight Footwear Systems for Snowshoeing
  • Additional Gear Needed for Snow Camping
  • Develop Your Own Footwear System
  • A Woman's Perspective (by Janet Reichl)
  • Favorite Lightweight Footwear Systems Used by the Backpacking Light Staff
    • From Roger Caffin, Cooking and Hydration Systems Section Editor (Sydney Australia):
    • From Carol Crooker, Editor in Chief (Phoenix, Arizona):
    • From Alan Dixon, Senior Technical Editor (Washington, DC):
    • From Rick Dreher, Lighting and Navigation Systems Section Editor (Sacramento, CA):
    • From Jay Ham, Make Your Own Gear Section Editor (Flagstaff, AZ):
    • From Doug Johnson, Trekking Systems Section Editor (Redmond, WA):
    • From Ryan Jordan, Publisher (Bozeman, MT):
    • From Ken Knight, Production, Audio, and Technical Editor (Ann Arbor, MI):
    • From Mike Martin, Sleeping Systems Section Editor (Coeur d'Alene, ID):
    • From Steve Nelson, Winter Systems Section Editor (Kentfield, CA):
    • From Don Wilson, Clothing Systems Section Editor (Tucson, AZ):
  • Favorite Lightweight Footwear Systems Used by "The Masters"
    • From Andrew Skurka, GoLite-Sponsored Athlete (Homeless Nomad):
      • High Sierra in early-summer (June)
      • Yellowstone in late-Fall (late-Sept, Oct)
      • Colorado in December
      • Minnesota in January
    • From Chris Townsend, Outdoor Writer (Cairngorms National Park, Scottish Highlands)
  • About the Authors

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