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I came across the Integral Designs eVent Pullover while on my seemingly endless search for hard shell bliss. Honestly, my first thought was something along the lines of "Huh! These guys actually make some cool stuff!" In my experience, Integral Designs is not a company that has much brand recognition with the majority of US consumers... and I think many of those who have heard of the company think of it as "that other brand." My experience with the eVent Pullover, however, clearly places Integral Designs in the top echelon of gear purveyors.

Paper appeal was what drew me in... the specs of the eVent pullover. It is a 10-ounce, three-ply eVent shell. The design is clean, the aesthetic uncluttered and purposeful. The 17-inch chest zipper allows for excellent ventilation, and the shell sports merely one more small zipper for a Napoleon pocket on the left chest. The hood is an integral part of the collar design, and the drop tail, while not allowing for full head to toe protection, provides good rain protection from head to sit pad. I liked that the shell doesn't have pit zips, because I generally feel that if a jacket needs to be unzipped that much, it probably shouldn't be worn, and I'd rather not have the extra weight, bulk, or frills.

If you've spent some time researching lightweight eVent shells, you might notice that the Integral Designs eVent Pullover looks remarkably similar to the Rab Demand Pull-On, and for good reason. Rab now owns Integral Designs, and particularly plans on incorporating light and fast gear into the Integral Designs brand.


  • Initial Impressions
  • Build Quality and Material
  • Fit... It's Great, Up a Size
  • Contemplating the Hood... Some Considerations
  • Field Performance
  • Overall Impression

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