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The 12-ounce Integral Designs Logan Vest concentrates all of its insulation where it is needed the most: the torso. With 0.8 inches of single layer loft, the Integral Designs Logan vest was easily the warmest core garment in this review series. For most conditions I feel that a vest, because of its weight, is a more efficient insulating garment than a jacket or pullover, especially when used in conjunction with a good shell/jacket. The Integral Designs Logan Vest shines in a summer sleep system and for keeping you warm around camp. In winter conditions, its freedom of movement will make it a good companion for high activity sports such as cross country skiing, and it does a great job of boosting the warmth of an underrated sleeping bag. The Integral Designs Logan Vest review addresses detailed specifications, warmth, storm resistance, usability, fit, value, and recommendations for improvement.
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