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Ultralight shelters don’t enjoy the benefit of a fixed, curved pole structure to create evenly distributed tension across all fabric surfaces.

Consequently, you may not be getting that perfect pitch out of your ultralight shelter. It may have wrinkles, uneven catenary seams, or flappy fabric panels. These issues can cause poor storm performance and condensation issues inside your shelter.

In this 90-minute online webinar, you’ll learn why ultralight tents require a unique skill set to pitch, and how to properly pitch different types of ultralight tents, from tarps to mids to trekking pole tents.

These skills can then be applied to your ultralight shelter to ensure that you (1) aren’t taking more shelter weight than necessary; (2) are confident that your shelter pitch is stormworthy; and (3) understand the relationship between stake holding power, guyline tension, panel tension, trekking pole stability, and shelter stability.

Enrollment in this webinar gives you access to the recorded version, so you can watch it on your own time and refer back to it as needed.


  • Introduction to Ultralight Tent Design & Engineering
  • Principles of Panel Tension
  • Guyline Tension and Length
  • Tent Stake Holding Power & Stake Orientation
  • Matching Stakes to Soils
  • Pitching an Ultralight Tent Without Stakes
  • How to Pitch Flat Tarps
  • How to Pitch Shaped Tarps
  • How to Pitch Pyramid-Style Shelters
  • How to Pitch Trekking Pole Shelters
  • Problem-Solving Geometric Issues

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Webinar Recording: How to Pitch an Ultralight Shelter