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Living in West Texas gave me an opportunity to perform some cool desert hikes in the winter season. However, I was usually racing the clock to get a trip in before my water ran out, or before I had to get back to work. My three-day trip hiking Big Bend National Park’s Outer Moutain Loop¬†was no different.

I began my three-day trip behind schedule and had to do a long day of hiking across the desert. I nearly ran out of water in the process. This experience could have been disastrous, but I figured it out.

In spite of being a bit strenuous, it was an amazing hike with a huge variety of scenery. I started in a mountain forest, walked into scrub-land, continued into desert-land, and then went back up to mountain forest again. Although hiking Big Bend National Park is one of the best-known hikes in Texas, I saw very few people along the way.

Hiking Big Bend National Park Photo Essay

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