The ProTrail Li is Tarptent’s simplest, lightest, and least expensive DCF (Dyneema Composite Fabrics) shelter. Very fast to pitch and a good option for trekking pole users.

“The Tarptent Protrail Li earns our Highly Recommended Review Rating (learn more) for its price point and value (as a DCF shelter), packability, light weight, simplicity, elegance, ease of pitch, manufacturing quality, and livable interior volume. This rating is made with some caution, however, when it comes to storm resistance and appropriate use. We have no reservations about the Tarptent Protrail Li’s ability to survive high wind gusts or heavy snow loads. Manufacturing quality is superb. However, large panels (sidewalls) will catch broadside winds and cave inward in response to heavy snow loading. In addition, in cold, very humid, and rainy conditions, condensation may be an issue and there are more effective ultralight shelters on the market. But for the hiker who doesn’t often experience extreme storms, heavy snow, or cold and humid conditions, the Tarptent Protrail Li’s packability, ease of pitch, and interior volume make it a standout in a crowded field.” – from our Tarptent Protrail Li Review by Andrew Marshall