When we first reviewed the REI Magma Trail Quilt, we were most impressed by its use of premium ultralight fabrics and high-fill down, while still maintaining a price point below $300. The REI Magma Trail Quilt has an effective pad attachment system and a great collar, so we tent to recommend it to users who want to experiment with a quilt to see if they like it before making the plunge to invest into a custom quilt from one of the smaller, high-end cottage brands.

The REI Magma Trail Quilt 30 is not the lightest quilt for its temperature rating. It doesn’t use the absolute lightest fabrics, or the absolute highest fill power down. Nor is it customizable like some products offered by smaller cottage industry manufacturers.

However, it does offer very light (15D) fabrics, high fill down (850 FP), a thoughtful baffle design, a very effective insulated draft collar, and an outstanding pad attachment system. In addition, it offers a generous girth that makes this quilt a far more versatile option across a wider range of temperatures than narrower quilts in this weight class.

And finally, it does all of this for a reasonable amount of money – $300 for a high-quality quilt that performs very well.

– Ryan Jordan