The ultimate sanitary, leave-no-trace accessory – never carry toilet paper again. Hang it off your pack to keep it sterilized by sunshine!

Kula Cloths have an artistic print on one side and black, soft skin-contact fabric on the other.

I love my Kula Cloth! The amount of toilet paper I have found behind rocks and in the woods around my get-out-of-dodge wilderness area is unreal. So gross. We do need good hygiene while we are out there and this will help you accomplish just that after you tinkle and is a better option than shaking it off or using toilet paper. Use the non-irritating antimicrobial side to wipe and use the snap to hang from your backpack to dry. The sun also helps to sterilize any bacteria on the cloth. The smooth side is waterproof and comes in bright fun designs. Makes for a great holiday gift for all your hiking squatter friends! They will thank you for helping them pack in and out less toilet paper and practice better Leave No Trace. – Stephanie Jordan