The lightest microspikes are either fragile (lack durability), or don’t offer aggressive traction (not enough spikes, or the spikes aren’t long enough). You certainly don’t want your microspikes to fail while climbing or descending a steep slope (we’ve experienced this exact consequence – it’s not fun). And, we’d like them to last longer than a season. Microspikes shouldn’t be a disposable item! The Kahtoola Microspikes Traction System solves these two issues (durability and traction) as well as or better than any other brand we’ve tried. We have extensive experience with them and they remain the most durable microspikes on the market and offer some of the best traction available as a result of sharp, steel points that maintain their sharpness. Kahtoola Microspikes weigh a little more and are a little more expensive than some other lesser-known brands, but the quality and performance may be worth it to some users.