I tested the Bedrock Sandals Cairn Adventure Sandals all summer long in 2022 (see my review, linked below). If you hate hiking sandals, these aren’t going to change your mind. If you are on the fence, give them a try. The through-the-toes webbing design removes the pressure across the bones of the foot that you get in over-the-top sandal designs. The upshot? Fewer (read: none) repetitive use injuries of the kind I used to get while wearing Chacos. The minimalist midsole isn’t for everybody, but the outsole is Vibram and plenty aggressive for wet and dry on-trail conditions.

Many a fellow Bedrock user and I stopped to chat about them on the trail – and I can’t remember the last time I had a piece of gear that caused those kinds of mutually exciting conversations. Bonus points – I get compliments on them while wearing them to the grocery store or pretty much anywhere else in my small mountain town. – Andrew Marshall